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Certified Hosting Solutions is rapidly excelling to the fore front as a leader in the web hosting world. Founded in 1999, Certified Hosting provide clients with a first class hosting experience that she personally over sees on a daily basis.

To meet the needs and services that were lacking for many webmasters, Certified Hosting was established in 1999 as a Southern California based web hosting company to provide shared hosting, reseller hosting, and managed dedicated servers to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and individuals throughout the world.

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Hosting Reviews for Certified Hosting

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I had been using the No. 1 regsitar since 1999 and then I found Certified Hosting. Live Chat - in realtime with technical support personnel !

It does not get easier than this; upload my compressed package using the Certified Hosting File Manager and extract it. I have reduce my deployment time for website and Content Management Systems by 80%.

I fully recommend Certified Hosting.


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Certified Hosting is a great hosting provider. We love the customer services. The techs are great there!


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Certified Hosting was the 3rd host I tried for running FFMPEG video on a shared server. It was the first one that could actually run the video plug-in (for WordPress) I use reliably and effectively.

However, the site runs slowly. And every time I need to upload a significant amount of new video content via FTP, my IP ends up getting blocked, and I have to put in a tech support ticket to get it unblocked. But their tech support is reasonably responsive to this.

The other day the site was running exceptionally slowly (11 seconds to load a page). I contacted tech support and they admitted they were having an issue with my (shared) server being a bit overloaded (not by my site, which hasn't actually "launched" yet) and that they were working on it.

Another issue with the overload is that all of the routine backups of my site have been failing, so I had to put a ticket in to have a backup made in case the site goes down....

So. I was thinking that I might want to change providers again, but unfortunately, I can't find a host that's more reliable when it comes to shared hosting with FFMPEG. I guess I'll just deal with the issues for now until the biz becomes profitable enough to migrate the site to a VPS or dedicated server....

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What can i say about certified hosting? It should be renamed as certified downtime hosting. Because thats the only thing they can guarantee. Its been 24 hours and my site is down and that also at the time of cybermonday. We prepared for this day for past 3 months and these bunch of jerks at CH dont know what is happening and it 24hours and still my site is down.

I lost so much in sales but the kind of pain i went through because these certified jerks I cant tell.

Avoid at all cost. If you have to choose between CH and any pathetic free hosting. Prefer the free hosting atleast there you would better uptime.

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