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Hosting Reviews for Cirtex Hosting


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We have two sites hosted by Citrex and they have both been down for over a week.

The company has been very very poor at communicating to use about the status. Only when we ping them do they finally reply and then they don't deliver on them - saying we'll be up in another 24 hours. This is extremely poor service.

Unacceptable service.

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Francesco Lia

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A Nightmare. From the first day i purchase the plan i found problems.

Cheap account are slow and from time to time the site is not available.

When i noticed this to helpdesk the anwser is that "all is ok", but the site continue to be unstable.

Suddenly the website goes down with mysql and we files. Ftp is not more accessible and also cpanel. After some hours i contacted helpdesk that redirect me to a forum when other peoples have the same problem with server WEB5 totally gone.

The say us that the server is under FSCK. It remain under FSCK for almost 3 (three weeks) and we don't get a backup because the BACKUP was accidentally deleted.

Actually they recovered from FSCK only files and i've lost database. Some people get work of a life lost. They closed the forum today, but the issue is still there. There is also a blog with all the story: blog NOCIRTEX.WORDPRESS.COM.

They are the worst hosting company i've ever seen.

Actually i moved to another PROVIDER my domain.

Avi Lugassy

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I came to write this after 2 or 3 years of frustration.

I am going to cut a long story short and be honest.

Over the years I have had many problems and Cirtex help team have always tried to help and eventually - sorted my issues.

So after around a year or 2 of being with Cirtex my website would endure so much down time I was starting to question how worth while it was hosting with Cirtex, whom I had a 3 year plan with.

Cirtex would make changes in my account without asking and my website would go down for prolonged periods of time. After complaining and complaining I finally moved my host to (AWESOME) www.linode.com where I host a VPS for very little.

I decided to keep my domain name and mail service with cirtex as it was set up and seemed logical.. they can't possibly take down my website now right? WRONG.

Cirtex on more than a few occasions have changed my A Records without me asking, leaving my webiste to point back to their own servers effectively taking my website down.


Then, over the last few months I experienced (and am re-experiencing) NO MAIL WHAT SO EVER, They had managed to once again change my Records WITHOUT TELLING OR ASKING ME, and recently, my WHOIS information said someone else owned my website domain! How horrifying! Then, my mail was down for -forever, they kept saying the issue was my end.. eventually some service rep got to saying she was so sorry they hadn't figured out my issue and then they realised they had BLOCKED MY IP, a check I would imagine would be near to the start of looking for the issue. Then 2 weeks after resolving the issue, my RECORDS WERE CHANGED AGAIN.. leaving me without mail AGAIN. This time the website itself says my IP is blocked. Shocking Service.

I wrote 3 emails saying I would like some form of compensation NONE OF WHICH WERE EVER ANSWERED and even wrote a complaint in their popup survey which appears after you chat with a specialist, again asking for compensation and explaining my frustration.. but as ALWAYS NO ONE BOTHERED TO WRITE ME BACK..

Above all. My website originally spent too much time being down, I moved to a VPS And they still manage to take my website down!

My email has been MORE DOWN THAN UP by a long way.

My WHOIS records AND ACCOUNT were somehow (after more then 2 years) changed to someone elses name and address essentially putting someone else legally in charge of my website which is my business.

The help team ALWAYS SAY the issue is my end, and NOT ONCE has it BEEN RESOLVED THAT IT WAS... just incompetence on their end.

My COMPLAINTS for some form of REFUND were NEVER Answered EVER.

My EMAIL ISN'T Working right this second.

I have complained and complained and now I will be moving hosts altogether.


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