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We are a new Cloud company that does things differently. We are partnered with Fibernetics, a national carrier and ISP in Canada. We leverage our own data centers across the country, and our own national network to bring you the best cloud services at the best rates anywhere.

Over the last ten years, Fibernetics has emerged as one of Canada's fastest growing and largest telecommunications companies. Fibernetics is an operating Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) regulated by the CRTC, that has direct connectivity into the heart of the incumbents fiberoptic networks across Canada.

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Hosting Reviews for CloudAtCost


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Great price, so it appears. The reality is quite different. Even with the upgraded "Big Dog" package it is slow as hell to respond, hangs all the time and support is just full of excuses "we're working on it". As far as I can tell, this is just a scam to drum up cash then close the doors. Avoid these guys at all costs. As far as the "good review" (I've only seen one); it has to be bogus. I finally asked for a refund today, wanna bet I never get one??

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Purchased a VPS at cloudatcost, and after a while of using it it kept crashing constantly, contacted support and they took exactly 8 days to reply "We're working on it", yeah no thanks.

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