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Cloudngin is a premium web and wordpress hosting platform founded in 2014, which was constructed with the goal to provide excellent and simple hosting for both experienced and non-technically experienced customers.

Based in New York City, Cloudngin continues to serve great service and support to existing customers which include, Agencies, Brands, E-commerce, Blogs, Businesses and more.

With ease in mind, our immediate plan is to continue providing excellent and reliable hosting service in an effort to expand and become the #1 source for powerful web and WordPress hosting worldwide.

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Hosting Reviews for Cloudngin

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The team at Cloudngin have been a fantastic support. Their customer service is phenomenal -they made the move for me very easy and have been a great support for my business in setting up our services and making sure they are there for their customers 100% - Thanks so much Xavier for all your support! :)

Larry Robinson

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Just changed hosting to cloudngin. Long story short: they took care of everything, fixed all the issues which couldn't (or didn't want to) be solved by the previous hosting company's helpdesk. The support is incredible, no rush, great knowledge and very kind.


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Here is a no bullshit review: After browsing hosting services for a bit, I checked out Cloudngin. I felt a little sketched out because they were so new, but so far I haven't had my credit card stolen! I came blundering in, hardly knowing what I was doing and their customer service helped me out so much! I'm honestly writing this review because they prompted me to after talking with them for close to an hour, but I would have written it anyways because they were so helpful! They got my site hosted, and for pretty cheap too. If I had to do it all again, I would still pick Cloudngin just to sit and talk with the customer service rep, he was a pretty chill dude!

All around, I highly reccommend Cloudngin. They are a new company that's firing on all cylinders.

Adetunji O

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I migrated from siterubix to clougngin.com because I need a faster server. My experience with cloudngin has been outstanding. They are very efficient with excellent customer service. I will be more than happy to recommend them to anyone.

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Very reliable server with excellent customer service, i could not be more satisfied with my new online shop server, thanks for going beyond to satisfy my needs.

Bernardo Castello

Charlie Knupp

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My site has been down for 24 hrs

No explanation from your company

My email [email protected]

Phone 954 4103981

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