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CloudVPS is the number one cloud provider in the Netherlands. Whether you need a single machine or a complex load-balanced cluster, our flexible cloud lets you create the Virtual Private Servers (VPS's) and Cloud Storage you need quickly and securely. User-friendliness is our top priority.


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Hosting Reviews for CloudVPS

Paul Jones

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I chose CloudVPS as an experiment using the cloud - to be able to deploy a scalable server configuration easily. Whilst my initial impressions were positive, It all ended very badly.

There were two issues at the end that killed this company for me and I'll never use them again:

1) Payment method - I've never experienced (within my 15 years of using hosting companies) a company that doesn't have a payment interface and ability to manage recurring payments/credit cards. CloudVPS required invoice payment within 1 day for international users. Every month I had to make manual bank transfers and email them to state that the money will be with them, but it meant that my service was interrupted in the meantime.

2) Reliability - don't trust them. After 6 months of use, they accidentally deleted my server configuration. I chased them for a week to finally get a crude email explaining that someone had deleted my account. I had spent the best part of three weeks configuring my multiple cloud servers and IP addresses exactly how I needed them. Whilst I had taken backups of critical software, the very fact that they couldn't even be bothered to keep me updated and that this situation could happen is just a joke.

2a) Regular performance problems. Check out their twitter feed to understand the service problems.

Mickey-mouse jokers.

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