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Cool Handle started as a group of IT professionals in early 2001 to introduce a new standard in the fast changing environment of web hosting. Cool Handle mission is to achieve your 100% satisfaction, which is guaranteed by our professional service and friendly support. With over 7 years of web hosting experience on various hosting platforms and operating systems, particularly Apache, Linux, Microsoft IIS, and Microsoft Windows Server.

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Hosting Reviews for CoolHandle

Aaron Goodwin

    Review Rating

I have had the pleasure of using Coolhandle since Late 2005/2006 I could not say enough good things about them, I have actually never had to contact them for technical issues, my site has had ZERO down time in five years!

When I do speak to them they are friendly courteous and efficient.

I've recommended coolhandle to six friends and associates over the years and they are equally pleased.

Price point for services rendered can NOT be beat.

I know I'll be with them for the rest of my professional life.

Cody lee

    Review Rating

As everything starts small, so did my relation with cool handle, i started with cool handle web hosting service some two years back, with a starter package & now i use the pro web hosting package which is $ 49.95/ month. Sincerely never seen such professionalism & dedication towards meeting clients need with a perfect product offering.

Hugh Morris

    Review Rating

At initial stage I too had some issue working with cool-handle guys. But after few months everything is perfect and is running smoothly. I am happy that I chose cool-handle for my website hosting. I would like to recommend you this company.

    Review Rating

I have used the services CoolHandle Linux Web hosting already one year. I have never had noticed uptime. I have never had applied to support because all the answers can be found carefully read the documentation. Control panel for sites can use even a child. This is a very high quality service. The ideal price-quality ratio. You can safely use the services of Web hosting.

Good luck to you my dear friends!

Andrea Banton

    Review Rating

I would seriously recommend business owners to get the reseller 3 hosting service from cool handle, only because of the bundle of services included in package & most important it is very cost effective when compared to others at only $149.95.

Myrtle Presson

    Review Rating

If anyone is looking for a good web hosting provider I would strongly recommend you cool-handle company. They are one of the very reliable company and they have 24/7 technical support team which makes all the problems very easy.


    Review Rating


I have used Cool Handle (formerly Pronet Hosting) since Sept. 2007. When they were Pronet, I had no complaints. But since the switch, I have had THREE HUGE ISSUES that have prompted me to switch to a different service.

Issue #1: I stopped getting ALL my emails from Facebook and Twitter. It took them over a month to fix the issue, and insisted it was a Facebook problem. Excuse me? I know thousands of customers of other hosting companies get their emails from these social networks just fine! Each time their customer support would contact me, it would be a brand new person who had not taken the time to read my previous messages/exchanges with their team. They'd ask me the same questions again and again and nothing got done.

Issue #2: I got an automated email about my upcoming renewal (FYI, they send this email 7 days before your renewal is due, but if you don't want to renew, you have to turn off automatic renewal 15 days before the renewal date or you're charged a $29.95 "service fee." So they conveniently send you your reminder after it's too late to cancel your renewal without incurring the charge). I emailed their support team to ask how to NOT renew my hosting. They sent back instructions, which I followed exactly. Then a few days later I was charged the $90-something for the renewal. I contacted the support team again, explained I had not renewed so please refund my credit card. They said I didn't cancel the renewal properly so they wouldn't refund me. I told them I followed THEIR employee's instructions and it wasn't my fault they sent me the wrong directions. Again, every time I had an email from them it was a NEW employee who had not read the history on the ticket and I had to repeat myself again and again. It took OVER A MONTH to get my refund. Even then, I still had to pay the $29.95 "service fee." Their billing department was arrogant and unprofessional to deal with to boot.

Issue #3: And the kicker was today my website was DOWN and I got an email from them that the server had data corruption and it might take 10 hours to restore!! Needless to say I am canceling my accounts with them and going elsewhere. The alternative I found is cheaper and already has better customer support.

This company deserves to go out of business - they don't know how to treat customers, handle bugs, or maintain reasonable uptime.

Mike Frensham

    Review Rating

Coolhandle review please do not use these guys! Customer support is by far the worst I have ever experienced. Despite claiming 24/7 support if you have a real issue it can take days to sort. They have no care your website can be down for days! Try phoning to complain and all that happened to me is they cut me off!!

Good luck if you choose coolhadle for you hosting needs!

    Review Rating

I filed a formal complaint about Coolhandle at Better Business Bureau (BBB).


Complaint Resolution Log > BBB found business made good faith effort to resolve complaint but customer not satisfied with business response >

05/18/2012 Problems with Product/Service

Did not know there are so many formal complaints about Coolhandle. Should have check BBB before using Coolhandle recommended by Anik Singal's ProfitJackpot course (see Comment 23 above).

In the 2 weeks Coolhandle took to reply to BBB, they got another 3 complaints. Company that bad need to be stop permanently from doing business.

Seems that Coolhandle will not do any refund, now have to use the Coolhandle hosting for my low-priority websites, and REMEMBER to cancel at least 15 days before expiry date (better 30 days in advance), else they will auto renew and you cannot get back your future $. See their FAQ.

$262.80 down the drain, wasted lots of time & emotional energy :(

The full story of the complaint about Coolhandle at


See Comments 23 to 28.

Nick Capalija

    Review Rating

Coolhandle are crooks!!!

I cancel they service and didn't get refund,

didn't get any explanation why, I will not recommend

they crooked service to any body.

Unhappy customer,

Nick C.

Lee Mitchell

    Review Rating

they are crooks. don't waste your money. very poor business sense. They are a ripoff.

send me an email for more details

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