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CoreloNetworks was one of the first web hosting companies to offer a managed, dedicated server solution, and one of the original innovators in server virtualization — the cornerstone of VPS and Cloud hosting technology today. From its world-class data centers, CorelloHosting now provides its complete suite of single-tenant and multi-tenant Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) hosting options to thousands of customers in more than 60 countries. CorelloHosting has built a loyal, global customer base by offering a wide range of scalable web hosting solutions supported by personalized service from experienced professionals.

To meet the needs of enterprises of all sizes, in 2016, CorelloHosting unbundled its IT support services from its solution stack to begin providing professional services for cloud-based, third-party solutions (AWS, Azure, and the like). With this comprehensive portfolio of professional services, in conjunction with our popular web hosting solutions, we’re able to provide end-to-end solutions for public, private and hybrid cloud-based solutions, as well as consultation and IT extension solutions. Like any of CorelloHosting’s solutions, we bring years of experience, reliability, and personalized support to every IT project.

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