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Create.com thinks creativity and vision should be your focus, not your web hosting.

Lead by seasoned industry experts, Create.com looks forward to offering place to create whatever your heart leads you to.

Headquartered deep in Texas.


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Hosting Reviews for Create.com

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I just been referred by david collins, I used create.com and Simply, and easily, got a website up in an hour or less.

I highly recommend this site it's the cheese on the burger.

Andrew Hunt

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GREAT host! Fantastic support! They have been very quick to get right back to me. Sites are working great. And all for $8/mo for unlimited sites, cannot beat that deal. I would highly recommend!

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I switched from Hostgator to Create.com. I was honestly shocked that for roughly the same cost I was getting an exceptional speed boost for my websites. previously I had customers complaining about my website being down when it was just very slow to load... now? I'm hitting out of my league. Less e-mail spam, and top-notch support to handle any issues which have been incredibly minimal.

I brought a large number of small but important websites over to Create and I am NOT disappointed.

Clint Duncan

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For a hosting company there are a lot to choose from. They are a behind the scenes kinda thing which most people give no thought to. Create has always addressed any issues with speed and professionalism.

    Review Rating

Create.com have assisted me to migrate over from other previous hosting company and the reason for migration was due to the previous hosting company shutting down my websites without any proper investigation and notifications to me after receiving a complaint from either a hater or a troll. Reinstatement of websites took forever at previous hosting company despite after submission of official documents for verification and being a customer for 8 years. It is truly a nightmare when your websites are down due to unreliable hosting support.

Create.com is the future of affordable and reliable hosting for anyone. The team behind Create.com are very genuine and helpful people. Trust me, I have been in contact with Create.com and I can truly feel their sincerity and professionalism when dealing with my previous issues.

I am one of the pioneers to join Create.com before their official launch and have never regretted my decision. It has been a smooth sailing journey and my websites are all live and loading fast. The pricing for this amazing hosting experience is undervalued and very affordable. I am very proud to be powered by Create.com for my hosting needs. I have OCD and therefore I am also in love with the name of my current hosting provider, Create.com.

Thank you, Create.com, for giving me the opportunity to be part of your wonderful platform and for growing together with you. Wishing you abundance of growth and success in time to come. :)

    Review Rating

I can't say enough about Create.com. Brent and his team have gone above and beyond to make me a satisfied customer. It all started when HostGator (I was a long time reseller) started going down hill and I reached out to Brent Oxley thinking he was still the owner. To my surprise he answered my email and told me Create.com was in the works.

I swapped over to Create.com and David (and others) made my transition very smooth and I look forward to many years of hosting my sites with Create.com!

Thanks guy!

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