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Crucial Web Hosting, Ltd. deploys split-shared hosting solutions onto Virtuozzo server clusters. Each hosting cluster consists of three hardware nodes. Each hardware node is provisioned with the six hardware specifications aboveā€”as a minimum.

Split-shared hosting environments are deployed as virtualized server environments. This virtualization of services allows Crucial web host to provide portability, scalability, and quality of service that are simply unavailable in traditional shared hosting environment models.

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Hosting Reviews for Crucial Web Hosting

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Hosting Package: Magento Container Hosting.

Wonderful customer support, very prompt and knowledgeable.

I recommend this hosting to anyone.


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WordPress site. Site loads fast. Contacted support 6 times (no major issues with site on their end). Responses all within 15 minutes. Provides support for e-commerce solution Magento. Rare. A+ company (4-6 months of use so far)


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I have been hosting with them for 2+ years. Their support is AMAZING and INSTANT. They initially transferred all my databases, files, etc, from my previous host all for me. I didn't have to do anything. They will basically set stuff up for you if you ask. I signed up when their prices were much lower, and storage was greater, but I would still recommend them!


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We have been very happy with CrucialWebHost. They run our Magento store and the performance and customer support are great. To help make our Magento hosting decision we used MagentoHost.info which has a list of live Magento stores running at CrucialWebHost. We contacted them and now we are on their list! Go there to checkout our Magento store and see for yourself how fast it is! (I don't want to post my store URL directly here because I don't want this review to seem like I'm just promoting my Magento web store).


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I wish to make another review do to problems I had that started after my last review.

For about a week for reasons unknown I have had members on my site blocked and only told in support tickets that the members are connecting with to many connections.

I am unsure of how this can be because of the fact one was in bed both times her IP was blocked. She got up in the morning and could not get on and she contacted me via skype. I had her IP removed from the block and she was able to get on.

There were several others blocked and did contact me how ever the ones that did not contact me started either leaving the site or using a proxie.

During this time the speed had slowed down quite a bit.

I then ended up switching hosts and I sent an email to my members and some have come back and have told me they love the speed increase.

There have been no reports of to many connections by my new hosts and I was told they will keep an eye on it when I told them why I was switching to them. Its been 2 days now.

The support for this host is still good but not as good as I have seen on other hosts I have used but still good as they did try and help me.

They do have a lot of features other other hosts I have used, well the only feature they have that my new host does not is the graphs for cpu and other server processes.

The price is good.

I do not think they are a bad company overall. I can understand why they have the ip block system in place as it is set to protect them from DDOS so it does keep the servers online.


    Review Rating

I just wanted to add another review stating that the hosting service has gone DOWN DOWN DOWNHILL lately. I will be switching (after hosting with them for 2 years!)


    Review Rating

I moved to Crucial Web Hosting from Media Temple (which I've been with for many years). The only reason I left such a fantastic company like Media Temple was for a fast host for Magento.

For the price - you only get 5 subdomains and 5 emails. This has caused a lot of setup problems and delays for me as I tried to transition and re-set everything up using Google apps. Why they can't just give you a reasonable number of emails? And no spam protection. Google apps is great now that I worked it out.

But, what has really gotten me upset enough to write this is they took my website offline due to a billing error. I moved last month (as if that isn't enough to deal with) and the address on file with them was my old address. The first notice I received from them - I immediately changed my address. I guess I needed to re-input the card number again or something. But, I can't believe it is their business practice to take your website offline completely due to a silly billing error like this. And the timing was devastating for me as I just sent out an email to my mailing list and they come to a website that says

"This Account Has Been Suspended

Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible."

Very nice! Thank you very much for making my business look bad.

Plus - last month I paid $75 for a setup fee and service. Honestly, not worth $25 a month.

    Review Rating

I've been with Crucial for about a year. I HAD been very happy with them but the last couple of weeks have been horrible. Yes, tech support gets right back to me but they don't read my tickets completely and subsequently don't answer the question. My webmaster and I have both had intermittent access to the control panel, the support panel and the admin panel and the best tech support can do is tell me to reset my password. But guess what, I know how to enter my user name and password...that's not the problem. If this doesn't get resolved soon I'll be forced to move :-(

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