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CyberHostPro takes a fundamentally proactive approach to web hosting. This approach is reflected in all aspects of CyberHostPro operations and is necessary to provide the highest quality of managed hosting services. Above all else, our proactive approach means working relentlessly to eliminate potential sources of problems before they become issues for CyberHostPro clients.

At the core of CyberHostPro mission to deliver a superior customer experience, is our team of dedicated and passionate professionals, who are committed to exceeding customer expectations every day.

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Hosting Reviews for CyberHostPro

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I have been an account holder at Cyber Hot Pro now for 3 years. Over the last 3 years Cyber Host Pro has grown dramitcally in both hardware and software. The technology that they have introduce since I have started is absolutley outstanding.

The support provided by this company is absolutley second to none. Every time I have posted a question I have always recieved an answer within the same day.

I feel that Cyber Host Pro continue's to grow in the right direction providing it's customers with a mind blowing service, this is the company for me and I would recommend it to anyone looking for shared, reseller or even dedicated servers hosting. The company now have the strength to offer domain names to customers at the cheapeast prices on the web.

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This business is simply appalling. I signed up with them over a year ago, and from day 1 I had problems with their windows 2008 reseller product. Before I get negative let me tell you what I like. I like the full range of techy functionality that is provided. The core problem is that the reseller product is just not operable. The control panel can only be relied upon to fail. I gave up with the idea of using it for reselling with it about 2 weeks after signing up. I realised that the control panel was just not going to be able to resell anything without having to be on the support site 24 hours a day. It would be commercial suicide unless you had very understanding customers. I was advised by them that a replacement control panel was on the way, so I stuck with them. Anyhow I stuck with them and just used the site for playing with the broad range of techy stuff provided (just for development). Bad decision. I renewed on the strength of the control panel. Anyhow it has now been pointed out that no new cp is to be provided. This was after I had renewed. I made the mistake of buying a couple of domains with them also.

Each day I try to use the cp it fails, which results in raising a ticket, and after a bit I can do what is required. 3 days ago I tried to add 3 domains. Again the cp failed, and the problems have yet to be resolved. I today advised them that I wanted a refund. They immediately disconnected my service so now I have no email and all websites are off the air. They have not even advised how much they have refunded. They are now denying my calls, have removed my account, and access to the support portal leaving me high and dry. They are also a registrar. I have no way of managing the domains that have been added. Today I have no option but to take legal proceedings against them. I have been web hosting for over 10 years and have had some previous bad experiences, but hats off to Cyberhostpro. Without a doubt the worst. Inoperable, unreliable, impossible to resell, and currently denying me the service they are obliged to provide as a registrar.

I promised their director (now the only person who will communicate with me occasionally via email) that I would make it my message to share my experiences to save any other souls having to go through what Cyber Host Pro Ltd have put me through, hence the review. Do yourself a favour. Don’t do it

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