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Dediserve was founded in the beginning of 2009 by a team with many decades of experience in mission critical managed hosting services and datacentre operations at market leading levels.

With a unique focus on building enterprise cloud platforms that are designed to deliver 100% uptime -before- cloud technology is applied, Dediserve deliver incredibly stable, reliable services, for clients that prioritise uptime and stability with amazing support.

Now with a growing number of cloud locations around the globe and thousands of clients, dediserve is the cloud of choice for the discerning client.


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Hosting Reviews for Dediserve

Nestor C.

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I messaged the sales team at dediserve to verify my CONFIRMED orders for 2 cloud locations. I was told then they were fraud. How can you have confirmation numbers and then turn around and label my transactions fraud. I was asked to give id, I sent then I had to keep messaging as some said they didn't receive and others say,there was no attachment in the email. Then I sent another one and after that I was asked specific use of the server. Then I was terminated. Privacy is one of many reasons people choice cloud servers. This company is not people oriented, they're into something else.

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