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Delimiter was the first VPS provider to offer a truly unlimited transfer VPS and the first to provide a global VPS footprint. Delimiter covers every continent providing high quality, tier 1 services to residential and business customers in over 120 countries.

Delimiter started out as a small provider operating from Frankfurt, but in November 2009 it was acquired by Yomura Holdings which opened the door to all of Yomura’s datacentres and facilities in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Powered by the Yomura Network, Delimiter has almost limitless room for expansion, enabling it to cater for small and large scale operations instantly.

Registered in England

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Hosting Reviews for Delimiter VPS

Karen Ellis

    Review Rating

I have contacted Siteground a few times for support and as always I have received excellent customer support. This morning the person assisting me was great. Very helpful and very polite!! I love Siteground and I recommend it to everyone!!

Parker Gibson

    Review Rating

Due to the pricing and locations offered, I have been recommending this host to many of my friends, it has little to no tech support, but that has not been an issue for me, they're hit and miss, I've hosted 3 websites and purchased 4 vps-100 products with them, they sometimes ran with the network interfaces down upon re-installation of OS, a support ticket would have to be submitted if an additional IP was purchased before the IP would be usable (I assume the process is manual), and on occasion the OpenVZ control Panel would not perform requested actions, but for the pricing of the host, problems are okay with me, when it does work, its like paying penny's for Cigarettes, you just have to roll them yourself...

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