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Deluxe Hosting exists to help our clients maximize their online potential by leveraging the most advanced internet services and tailoring them to each client's unique needs. Deluxe Hosting offers a full spectrum of solutions, including shared cPanel based hosting services for a truly scalable infrastructure

Deluxe Hosting is owned by Deluxe Corporation. Other web hosting brands owned by Deluxe Corporation includes Aplus.net and Hostopia.

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Hosting Reviews for Deluxe Hosting

Rolla Holst

    Review Rating

I have recently joined to host two web sites and the online chat support is fantastic. They were very knowledgeable and were able to help me solve my problems within minutes of going live chat

Freya Scott

    Review Rating

I love the support from DeluxeHosting and the speed of the servers they have. If you want a good hosting company that will help you with any question and a tech support that actually knows what they are talking about, go for DeluxeHosting . They are the best out there right now from my personal experience.

Jonas Feierabend

    Review Rating

Having tried many hosts, I have to say that DeluxeHosting company has proved the best of all: reliable, excellent resources, and -importantly too-- superb support. They are the best!!

Matthew Carr

    Review Rating

DeluxeHosting is a Fantabulous host! I’ve never experienced any downtime, or issues with my personal website yet and I’ve been with them for a month now. The updates are great and features are amazing.

Rosa Lynge

    Review Rating

Of the companies that surprised me with the quality of the product at the lowest prices and strong technical support.

Wilmar Karabulut

    Review Rating

I tried many Webhosts. Till now I am very satisfied with DeluxeHosting. In few words, their support touches your heart.....They are the best!

Gerth Egede

    Review Rating

Reasonable price, easy to use interface. Detailed and helpful instructions in support center. All is fine!

Ina Kråkenes

    Review Rating

DeluxeHosting is just a great company. They're reliable, work hard to make sure the websites are up and running, and they're quick to fix issues. Definitely a company I'd recommend (and have recommended).

Benjamin Aachen

    Review Rating

Honestly! I have never seen such efficiency in all my life! These blokes are brilliant and can't be bettered in any sphere. Although it was a user error on my part, they still sorted it out for me in no time! I appreciate your help and service.

Diana Reinhard

    Review Rating

I loved how quickly I was helped by DeluxeHosting’s customer service. I've been with them for a month and have had an amazing experience so far. Thanks for your quality services!

Ruby Bolger

    Review Rating

Such a wonderful company it is! I can't say enough wonderful things about DeluxeHosting hosting services.

Setup was fast and easy. Their package prices also amazed me. Features fit my needs perfectly. Recommended!

Diomira Babosek

    Review Rating

Good price, good hardware used, up to date operating system and ready-to help-support - make your services really powerful. Taking into account the price and diversity of locations - it is real bargain.

Sarah Dane

    Review Rating

They have provided me with fast and helpful support and the prices are really cheap. Thanks again for your services!

Tea Vonheim

    Review Rating

Amazing service provided by DeluxeHosting and all the staff.

In particular, I would like to thank their technician for his professional service.

Noah Nygard

    Review Rating

They are very helpful and the support always responds promptly. What I like even most is that their servers and network which are fast. This helps me a lot because I host and develop some apps with them.

Uta Rothschild

    Review Rating

I Just loved this host, there support is just awesome. I got my solution within 10 or less than 10 Minute.

Highly Recommended, if you are looking for the High Quality support.

Lincoln Woodfull

    Review Rating

I can't believe how easy it was to switch between web hosts! This company took care of all my dirty work and they've been great for me.

Thea Eiken

    Review Rating

This hosting is very reliable. You can also connect with the support center any time you have a problem. They are very polite and knowledgeable and skillful.

Procopio Pizarro

    Review Rating

DeluxeHosting has the most friendly, reliable and intelligent support I have ever encountered. They are helpful in fixing issues when they occur from time to time.

Ingrid Tangen

    Review Rating

The best costumer support I ever experienced. The staff is very knowledgeable, patient and fast. The best web hosting company for sure.

Karlotta Beaulieu

    Review Rating

DeluxeHosting was recommended by a boy-friend and I've been happy since I signed up with them. No issues so far and I liked that they gave me a good deal. And of course, a nice discount!

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