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Hosting Reviews for DirectNIC

Joy Smith

    Review Rating

I've used directNIC for domain registration and static site (bannerless) hosting since around 2004.

Their control panel is the easiest over cpanel or hsphere by far. Trouble tickets have always been turned around *correctly and in a timely manner.

When the hurricane hit New Orleans (where their data center is located) they not only were able to keep their servers up, they did it with style... sharing their services with others in the city that needed it. Very impressive!

Stefano Pizzocaro

    Review Rating

I have five domains registered with them: one parked and four hosted on their servers: the oldest domain lasts since 2005.

I always found perfect service and perfect support by means of their ticket system.

Some days ago I could appreciate the efficiency of their support by phone although my very poor spoken English.

    Review Rating

I have been a DirectNic customer for 14 years.

No host is perfect. No registrar is perfect. I have had times I have been extraordinarily angry with DirectNic, and times their service has been exceptional.

For all of the accounts and domain names I have with DirectNic, I have spent a lot of money with their company. I consider it a good investment.

I find them reputable and I like to stick with what I know. If you need critical, highly technical support rapidly, they can be hit or miss.

If you have a good skill set and can manage your own digital world well, DirectNic is fine.

I will be a DirectNic customer 14 years from now. I consider my relationship with them among the most useful of my career.

DirectNic has been, overall, a solid vendor.


    Review Rating

This is by far the WORST host I have ever worked with. Our email and site goes down on literally a MONTHLY basis. The emails are lost. It takes days for service to be restored. No one knows what's going on over there and it takes hours to speak to someone competent. They regularly experience service interruption, and are just a mess. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS.

honest review

    Review Rating

The same positive review listed on here can be found on several sites. It is added in reviews verbatim but with different "authors"

DirectNIC is best known as domain squatters. They hijack your site when it's time to reregister, then claim they sent you three (it's always 3) emails that said this was going to happen if you didn't renew in time. Then, to get your site back, you have to pay some ambiguous fee anywhere from $250 and down to get it back. Total scum bags. No other hosting company has as many lawsuits as these bastards do. AVOID


    Review Rating

Just awful. My website was constantly parked for no reason I can find. I was given repetitive and ineffectual instructions to clear caches, and to re-upload the site. I think it was offline as often as it was on-and that's generous. My data was wiped with no warning. Cheap rates-cheap company. I should have known better-I got exactly what I paid for. Do not waste your time


    Review Rating

The customer support is the most horrible I have ever experienced. The people that support you are very inexperienced to the point that every question take a inquiry to their “developers”, or you get the answer “I am the only one around and don’t have time for that question”. If you are looking for a one person show, no support and horrible customer service that are not knowledgeable, this is your company.

Oh, and when I tried to transfer my domain away from Directnic, even when I got an email stating that they will do it, they don’t! You have to exercise the procedure that overrides the hosting company that holds your domain hostage.

I have used the company for more then 5 years. For the first few years they were good, but something has changed in the last 6 months to a year. There must be something about them changing to a Cayman Island Company.

    Review Rating

Very unresponsive, not very good feature set and systems are so disconnected that they often lost orders or did not implement and did not notify me when they could not.

Avoid them.

    Review Rating

DirectNIC suspends the service without notice. Tickets ignored. Completely ignore the customer. Worst customer service and worst domain registrar I’ve ever known.

    Review Rating

Directnic will eventually steal your domain and sell it to a scalper as they have done to at least 4 domain owners in the past 6 months. They will at first opportunity, fee you to death , refuse transfer, and eventually sell your domain to highest bidder BEFORE releasing it ! Their MO is to charge ridiculous fees or outright sell your domain upon renewal citing " we never received payment but we can pull it from reclamation for about 200 dollars.


    Review Rating

just got off the phone with cust serv. My domain name was outdated for several years but they were able to pull up my cust# I was instructed to reset my password and the domain name was still available and that this would turn it on again. Paid the yearly fee and can not access domain. Called back and I asked for a assistance and recommendations and was told to hire a web sight builder. I was told 20 min after I paid I was not able to get a refund. Thanks for taking my money, leading me on with false statements and not offering a useful product. SCAM! They take your money and run! I am now posting a buyer beware on any available web sight with reviews!!!! (Not just FB either)

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