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Dogbark started in 1999 as the brainchild of a "creative" and a "tech". The blend proves to be beneficial to DogBark customers who are sometimes more creative then technical and vise versa. Even with technical subject matter DogBark like to use creative ways of communicating. DogBark is based in historic Franklin, Tennessee


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Robert Pizzo

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Dogbark was once the best of the best. A small hosting company founded by an illustrator who really cared about customer service. If there was ever a problem you could call anytime and get him on the phone to straighten it out.

Today, it's run by Elite Hosts. My site was down this morning for the 3rd time in two weeks and at the moment I have no working email - again. They do not answer their phones, ever. I've had to set up a gmail account to reach them but they only respond after hours and hours, and when they do it's with info that doesn't solve the problem on their end.

They are now the worst of the worst. Just ask any of their hundreds of frustrated customers.

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