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We've been here since 1999

That's right! We've been in the hosting business before Wordpress was born. Our founder and managment team has been in the hosting business since 1999.

When it's related to web hosting, we know what we're doing. With over 15 years of experience, we are able to bring you the most affortable Wordpress Hosting service like no others.

Domain created May 2014


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Worst hosting ever. Support is very abrupt and they sound like they would rather be anywhere else. They fail to fix my issues server side for days and often request large payments for small tasks I could do myself if they allowed me access to cPanel which they don't allow access. The removed backups and expect plugin installs as a fix to this via a third party author who does plugins for a hobby and might not update it. The server is slow and unresponsive on more occasions than it is working fine. I often get a slow website and lots of downtime which they deny and blame customers even though I have proven it to be a server fault at there end. Sick and tired of a poor service. I would NOT RECOMMEND them at all and I RECOMMEND TO AVOID them at all costs. I shall now be moving to siteground who offer better service and support plus lots of free extras such as a free 1 year SSL too!

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