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Hosting Reviews for Domain Central


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I signed up with this hosting company as I was looking for a realtively inexpensive hosting package that would get my site up and running promptly. Having been with them for over a month now, I have not been able to customize the pages at all, the FTP access does not work, I am unable to upload files or even my company logo on there. It has taken me this long to get a very basic 5 pages up.

In addition, their tech support is advertised as 24/7. However, I have found that there are only 3 people that work in the live support and they are in India. Given that English is not their primary language, they only provide conditioned responses and they don't answer your queries or problems. I have gone over 4 days unable to access my site's features and unable to make any edits. It took me over 3 weeks to actauly have my edits saved and published. Due to their terrible servers, their inexperienced staff, and the lack of support, I would encourage anyone looking for hosting to STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

Once the site is originally published, you can not cancel the subscription and they retain the money paid for the full year. THIS IS THE WORST HOSTING COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH.

In short, in order to save $1 per month, it has cost me my business. I can't even contact them to cancel my service and have yet to be able to access my FTP files or any of the million add-ons they say are included.



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Cryptic, slow interface, problems with timely registering of domains, sub-par technical support. Don't waste your time. You'll get what you pay for.


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When I began using Domain Central 3 years ago I found their user interface much easier than it is now. This complex UI has been extremely difficult to navigate. Something as simple as changing the name servers proved to be a daunting task and I am experienced at doing this. Each time I experienced difficulties I had to go to the Chat because there is no phone number to reach support (although a long time ago there used to be).

Sometimes the chat responses were quick, other times I waited lengthy periods to receive responses. Only once did the support rep actually help me by reviewing the account settings so that the pointed domain would work on the Internet. Inside the UI they have a lot of info and some terminologies that are highly confusing making it difficult to know what to select.

Other times that I needed help they sent me tutorial after tutorial. I spent a great deal of time reading these only to discuver that I still had no idea what I did wrong in the settings. The one time that they helped me I basically pleaded my case. I felt awful that I had to practically beg for help for a service that I was paying for. I have also found that often many of the links to Domain Central time out. Additionally they have sent me different links to log into my control panel - is there a difference between them? I have no idea.

I don't use Domain Central for hosting because I can get it cheaper elsewhere. However, what was once a user friendly user interface has now become my worst nightmare and the constant timing out of the links is frustrating. I am sure that I will not register any more domains with Domain Central. I have found another company where everything happens in seconds and I am very, very pleased with their service. I am running far away from Domain Central and all the problems from using their service.


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It appears a number of people have experienced the same extremely poor service from this provider as I have. No response to emails, no follow-up on problems. I can't even get them to change the email address on one of my accounts which I am guessing is a relatively easy task. Will be steering clear of this host in future.

    Review Rating

I registered a domain name with this completely useless company at the beginning of the year. I wanted to go into the cPanel and update the DNS but their system doesn't let me add private dns with customer IP addresses. So I tried out their wonderful live tech support 24/7 which doesn't actually work!!

It has been 3 weeks now and I can not under any circumstances get any response from domain central. I have tried all 7 known email addresses they provide on the site and have even sent an email to their complains address still NOTHING!! This company is without a shadow of a doubt the worst I have EVER EVER had to deal with. No matter what I do I cannot get ahold of them. I went so far as to ring up a sister company of theirs who were able to give me a phone number for Domain Central 1300 139 643 of course its just an answering machine... how could I expect anything else.

Put simpily if you want to be completely fustraited, lose money, time and effort, and would like a host that completely ignores any of your requests and is totally unreachable, then I would totally recommend this shit house company called Domain Central!!!!

Caillabet Jean

    Review Rating

What a shit, your support is crap, your service is the worst i experienced for years. During almost 3 months ( before migration to another hosting company)Website down, mailboxes down, ftp impossible to reach, and no responses for week and no improvement despite many emails etc ..

Now my accounts have be cancelled but my credit card has been debited twice.

'''Definately to avoid ....'''


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This provider has gone from bad to a total disaster. I am getting the impression that either their technical staff is totally incompetent or domain central will be out of business soon since they don't seem to care at all!

Access to my email (POP, IMAP, SMTP) is spotty at best and I am lucky that I have not lost any mails (yet). My web site is unavailable for weeks now and any call or email into their support has been "greeted" with total and complete silence.

So, I have to completely agree with other reviewers: STAY AWAY FROM THEM AS FAR AS YOU CAN!!!


    Review Rating

Everything was fine with domain central until you have to deal with their after sales service, or lack there off. Support is a joke. We had issues that started on the 9th. There is still a 9-12 hour delay in the receipt of our mail and they lost about 30% of our mail from last week.

Don't bother doing business with these guys, find another provider.


    Review Rating

I have had two accounts with domaincentral, and in return I have simply doubled the amount of frustration endured by doing so.


I am not a 1 month "newb", who couldn't setup server configurations/settings. I have 9 other domains, pay no more than a buck more for their hosting, quality hosting, and have done so for the last 3 years.

There is limited (if any) support, the 24/7 help is like throwing a tenis ball at a brick wall. You almost feel as if responses are automated (wouldn't be surprised) or your talking to some monkey that knows 4 English responses, one being "A support ticket has been raised, thank you for your time." - WTF, I didn't ask a question yet??

One domain I have to transfer due to a client who can't maintain the down time anymore (or flaky email service). I have been attempting to transfer the domain for the last 5 weeks and 3 days. That's how poor their service is.


    Review Rating

I have had 1 domain on Domaincentral for 2 years now and all of the sudden i get an email saying my password has been changed and that i will get a new one in the mail. Anyway time comes to renew my domain and i cannot login now.

Retreive password doesn't work and i can't even get a response from support even after sending emails to every possible email address i could find on the site. I have tried calling them and get an answering machine.

Stay away from these guys at all costs! Well unless you enjoy throwing away your money.


    Review Rating

Well add me to the list! Used them for a client, watched them slowly get worse over 2 months, now I can't get my domain out of there or a response from support!

Anyone got any tips to get a domain back from these guys?

Michele Bright

    Review Rating

Add me as well to the list of dissatisfied customers. For over 6 weeks have tried to change DNS for my domain & after no luck with support team responding to email decided to try phoning, with not much luck. Eventually able to talk to support officer 24th & they were going to send a transfer key within 2hrs to enable me to transfer my domain. Of course, true to form that has not been received. Has anyone any ideas how to resolve this issue and who we can turn to for help? This is ruining our business.

Dan Jobson

    Review Rating

Put me down as another dissatisfied customer. Terrible support and faulty hosting. It drops out sometimes for days with no word as to what had happened. They were once good, now bad.


    Review Rating

Leaving these guys was the best thing i ever did! I kept putting up with their terrible hosting and support as i didn't want to have to shift hosts but I'm glad i eventually bit the bullet because it just wasn't worth staying with them, the amount of downtime was a joke. Do yourself a favour and find a different host.


    Review Rating

A number of months ago I set up a very small website, the hosting requirements of which were very basic. Simply put, I needed space on a web server and didn't require any server side scripting or databases etc. Thus, I decided to go for something cheap. I purchased the 'Home Begginer Plan' from domaincentral.com.au . It cost $50 for 12 months and offered a linux based hosting solution with PHP and MySQL to boot! I couldn't go that far wrong I thought. I was wrong.

This post is a warning to anyone out there who has similar basic needs from a web host. If the price seems too good to be true, it IS too good to be true!

A couple of weeks into my hosting experience started to notice that my site would be sporadically unavailable. Each time this happened I would verify that it wasn't just my connection by using tools like http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com . Sure enough, the problem was with domaincentral. On several occasions I contacted them using their live chat service. Each time I was fed inspirational lines like these, which I have copied verbatim:

"Our admin restarted httpd service on server for better performance of server. Kindly check after 5 to 10 mins from now."

and on another occasion

"The httpd service got restarted due to some updates, We will investigate this why it taking too long to restart .."

and when I expressed my lack of confidence in their services, I was fed lines like:

"Ok I will forward your issue to our senior admin to monitor it"

Nothing ever came of this 'monitoring'.

My confidence in domaincentral becoming weaker and weaker, I enlisted the services of Pingdom ( http://pingdom.com ) which offers a range of monitoring services. Sure enough, in the first month of monitoring (Aug 09) my site was subject to no less than 94 outages, or a total of nearly 62 hours of downtime. IN ONE MONTH!

Obviously disappointed (but not surprised) by this, I sent them the pingdom report in spreadsheet form and asked that they rectify the situation. They responded with

"We are in the process of migrating our existing servers on to a superior hardware platform. During this process there has been minor down time on some servers. We expect this process to be completed within a few days, and that down time will be eliminated for the server that you are currently hosted on."

OK I thought, something is being done, and in the following month there were only 25 outages, or 19 hours of downtime. Still not acceptable, but maybe, I thought, just maybe they were improving. Wrong again. In Oct 09, the site had another 71 outages, or 46 hours of downtime. Again I contacted them, with the statistics and demanded an explanation. They replied with:

"We do apologize for the inconvenience that you had regarding website downtime issues. We can migrate your hosting account to new server to improve performance of your site but in order to migrate your hosting account to new server we require a confirmation from you. So kindly reply back to this email with the control panel username and password along with the confirmation for migrating hosting account. Be assured that once your account is migrated to the new server, you wont face any problem with website downtime issues."

That's right, you read correctly. These people ACTUALLY ASKED ME TO RESPOND, VIA EMAIL, WITH MY USERNAME AND PASSWORD. I'm not making this up, they even have this in the first paragraph on their contact page (http://domaincentral.com.au/contact )... go look for yourself!

Of course I didn't give them the details they requested, however it was now clear to me that I needed to be done with this company. This incident alone speaks volumes about their complete lack of professionalism.

I subsequently demanded that they refund my money and have moved my site onto a different host (hostess.com.au, FYI, which so far appear to be very solid). One of their support people emailed me instructions on how to cancel my account and assured me that "We will accordingly provide refund once we received the cancellation order". Sure enough, I cancelled the account only to be told by another of their brain surgeons that "a refund is only available if you apply for the cancellation within 24 hours for domain registration and 30 days for hosting subscription of sign up." My fight continues.

I should have done due diligence before giving these people money, and a quick search on this site would have informed my decision a little better. These people should not be in business and I implore anyone reading this post to avoid them at all costs, and to warn anyone else in the market for hosting. Granted their pricing is attractive and the promise of 24/7 tech support sounds great. Unfortunately their idea of tech support is paying some poor sucker 20c an hour to say "try it again soon" whenever you contact them.

Domaincentral appear to be happy to take your money however they clearly do not have the infrastructure to support even the most basic of requirements and they simply don't care. It's like I bought a bottle of beer from these people and I pop the cap to enjoy the cool, tasy and refreshing contents only to find that the bottle is empty. They've still got my money, but I have no beer. There's a word for that, it's called STEALING. A bartender wouldn't get away with it, why should they?

I can only assume that the majority of their client base is possibly a less savvy, lower end of the market who simply don't notice when their sites are down. The sad part is that they seem to be getting away with it. Shame on you domaincentral. Shame on you.

Vivek Gupta

    Review Rating

I have my many domains which I trasferred to them. My account shows that I own them. One day I tried to change name server and I find that it was dropped from my account long time back. I chatted one of live support ( One of the best among bunch of stupids), He told me that system got bug where it was showing it is registered in my account but actually it dropped long time back. WTF

What kind of service they provide? System bug why should I pay for there bug. It cost me lot of my domain dropped

Please do not do business with them. You will suffer same way I am.


    Review Rating

Domain: www.firsthomegrant.com.au

This domain was bought by my company in February 2007 and renewed in January 2009, through Domain Central.

I had always planned to develop a website for the domain, and in the meantime I redirected it to www.myhomeloan.com.au , which is our primary website.

I received a Renewal Notice for the domain from Domain Central on 11/11/2010, for the next renewal, which is due February 2011. I have a copy of the last renewal on a credit card statement. The fact that it was renewed by my company has not been disputed.

During the renewal process, I went to the URL and was amazed and alarmed to find that the domain name was now attached to a ‘holding type website’, using sponsored links, and is offered up for sale. The price is advertised as ‘offers over of $990.00

I contacted Domain Central by email and by phone over the next few days. I also contacted auDA who advised me that even though I had renewed the domain, Domain Central had allowed it to ‘lapse’ and someone else had bought it from them.

I received an email back from Domain Central today advising that they were ‘unable to obtain the domain for me’ and offering me $200 (to spend with them) as compensation. The $200 is an insult, but why on earth would I use their services again. Why on earth would I buy another domain from them? They say that they are not responsible as it falls under the heading of a” force majeure”, which is ridiculous.

I have searched the internet for information on the topic today, and also for information on Domain Central. I found that that the internet is littered with complaints about them, and their sister company, Bottle Domains.

Buying a domain name through Domain Central is unsafe and I am going to pursue every avenue I can to have domain restored to us, and to be fully compensated.

The whole thing is quite incredible to me.

Laotis Buckley

    Review Rating

DomainCentral does underhanded and in my opinion illegal things to their customers.

The switched over half of my domain names to privacy protection without my consent. Consequentially, when I am trying to transfer the domain names to another registar, I can't. They are sending the links for me to confirm the transfer to [email protected] because DomainCentral changed the email address from my original email address without my consent.

Also, their customer service is horrible. They will be perfect until you spend money with them. After you are a customer they will not answer any questions accurately or try to be helpful. They have a link on their website where you can chat with a live representative. Before you are a customer you will always be able to access this. However, after you submitt a ticket to the help center you may not be able to access this. They have blocked my IP address from their chat link. Therefore the only was I can chat with them is to use a friends computer or go to the library.

Also, I tried to sell my domain names on ebay. They told me the process. I listed the domains and sold them for 99cents each (Just to be done with Domain Central). At first they said I would need the buyers Username and Password to transfer the domains to them. I explained how this was impossible and I would never want anyone elses password. Because, this would give me access to their credit cards. They finally relented and said I could do it with just the buyers username and email address. Therefore I placed the listings.

However, now that it is time to transfer the domain names to the buyers; they are saying I need their passwords again.

They also have a very prehistoric method for transferring domain names. You have to fax or scan and email a handwritten signed letter with the domain name, your account information and the buyers account information in order to begin the transfer.

However, after doing this they will send you an automatically generated email saying you need to send over the information even though you have already sent it. If you respond to that email, they will never respond to you again.

This is very frustrating because I have 76 domain names with them and I have been their customer for over 3 years.

People please do the math.

76 Domain Names (X) $8.99 = 683.24 a year

683.24 (X) 3 years = $2,049.72 (Amount I paid to them)

I advise anyone reading this to learn from my mistake and never use Domain Central. If you are using them: I would advise you to start looking for a company in the US to transfer your domain names to. Since they are located in Australia I can't call them without international calling (Although, this probably would not help anyways).

Please learn from my mistake and do not use us.DomainCentral.com or any of their DomainCentral links.

    Review Rating

I've been with DomainCentral for better than 5 years, but the last 80 hours has done it for me 24/7 customer support is a joke. My website has been down. They have not tried to help or contact me in any way. If it was gamble you would have to put $24 on to win $7 not a winner.

Justine Goss

    Review Rating

No communication at all - you can only contact them via their online support overseas. Try ringing their number and it won't even accept an Australian mobile number when it asks you to enter your number.

Our emails have been done for 2days and still no solution even thought they have promised to call and get this sorted as a priority!!

Invoice increases appear out of nowhere. Have been a loyal customer for over 10 years but am looking for a new provider.


Ishan Gooneh

    Review Rating

Their support team is absolutely joke. They do not know what they are doing. After each question they put you on hold and check and answer. If they get annoyed with answers they just put you on hold forever and block your number so your number cannot make any more calls. Only way to get back to them is by using another number.

Stay away from them...!!

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