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The holding company is the ISP, DiaMatrix, who have been in business since 2001. DiaMatrix has earned its place in the industry by delivering world-class products at affordable prices, and providing their clients with a superior service 24/7. These products include domain registrations, hosting, connectivity, bulk emailing and other related ISP services.

In September 2011 DiaMatrix became South Africa’s first accredited .co.za domain registrar. In February 2012 domains.co.za launched a White Labelled Multi Registrar EPP Solution - the first of its kind. This solution is aimed at ISP’s / companies in South African wanting to become Registrars on the new .co.za Registry / Registrar EPP platform.

In August 2012, DiaMatrix become the 2nd ICANN Accredited Registrar in South Africa and only the 6th in the whole of the African continent.

domains.co.za is a company that is passionate about their products and their service. They are continually revolutionizing their products and launching new innovative solutions and services.

domains.co.za’s goal is to ensure that these solutions and services enable their clients to remain in the forefront of their industry.

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