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Dot5Hosting provides customers quality web hosting at an affordable price with a friendly and high quality level of technical support. Dot5Hosting operate on the theory that, if they don't look after customers, someone else will. Dot5Hosting have carefully put together three hosting packages that meet the needs of all potential users, ranging from the home user through to the commerce business user.

Part of the Endurance International Group.

Endurance's (EiG) other brands include A Small Orange (ASO), Apollo Hosting, Arvixe, BigRock, BizLand, BlueDomino, Bluehost, Dollar2Host, Domain.com, DomainHost, Dot5Hosting, Dotster, easyCGI, eHost, EntryHost, FastDomain, FatCow, FreeYellow, Globat, HostCentric, HostClear, HostGator, HostMonster, HostNine, HostYourSite, HyperMart, IMOutdoors, Intuit Websites, iPage, iPower, iPowerWeb, StartLogic, JustHost, MyDomain, MyResellerHome, NetFirms, Networks Web Hosting, Nexx, PowWeb, PureHost, ReadyHosting, Saba-Pro, SEO Hosting, Site5, Spry, SuperGreen Hosting, USANetHosting, Verio, VirtualAvenue, VPSLink, WebHost4Life, Webstrike Solutions, and Xeran.

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Hosting Reviews for Dot5Hosting

    Review Rating

I have never had a problem with these guys ever, been with them for over 2 years ..... Support, Pricing, Features, and Reliability is great ....

    Review Rating

I've been very pleased with Dot5 with everything except load time, which is very slow. Everything else has been great. However, load time is critical and I'm now shopping around for another host. (When I stumbled on this site.)

    Review Rating

Its terrible. The servers are always stalling. Databases fail. Email servers stall.


    Review Rating

Had few problems with off-line time. The system it self was broken and I couldn't find a lot of support online. They will give you an option for Delux (or smthg) customer support. It is a good 'first hosting' experience. I was a graduate student so I needed a host very fast, and I didn't research a lot. Grade: C

Michael Berger

    Review Rating

Never had a problems with their support staff, but then again, I usually can resolve my own problems - such as they are. Reliability and loading speed however have been major issues.

When your HTML is less than 5Kb and it takes nearly two-tenths of a second to load, you might have a problem.

When you're entire site is less than 40Kb, has 7 HTTP requests, is optimized to the hilt - and it still takes well over a second to load on a 10 Gb T-3 line, you definitely have a problem.

Then there's the constant FTP access issues, the down email servers (what a waste of time that was), and the random down-times.

I reviewed a lot of review sites but unhappily skipped this one in favor of others who appear to accept advertising in exchange for a favourable rating.

I won't be making the same mistake again - and neither should you.


    Review Rating

dot5hosting is not really good, and it is far not the best, to make it short. I used it for my business project for 2 years and it was down for 12 hours more than 2 times and the email server was down more than 4 times. The most recent email failure was about 2 weeks ago for over 24 hours (FTW!!!). My business was paralyzed for more than a day! These problems cost money, people!


    Review Rating

I have used this service for at least 3 years, with no problems. They are an OK host, but nothing more. I have never experienced significant downtime with them ever, although I have noticed a few short (around 15-30 minutes) periods of downtime here and there. Only a few times over the years. Their customer service is about average. Like every hosting company it is outsourced, so you know what to expect there. Typical hassle but at least they have responded to everything I've sent them...eventually.

They've improved a lot over the years and added a lot of nice new features.

BUT there are two big issues. For one they are still not equipped for PHP 5 (get real, it's 2010 guys). Secondly and most importantly, they do not allow remote administration of MySQL DB. They expect you to use PHPMyAdmin for everything, which is laughable.

For personal sites and such you could certainly do worse than Dot5. I wouldn't use them for anything very serious. I have found another provider which is actually cheaper and offers more services, I use them for more serious sites.


    Review Rating

If one reads the terms of service, it says they can automatically charge your on-file credit card once your hosting term is coming to its end, without your additional consent. Therefore, if you want to cancel, you can't wait until the end of your hosting term, as another one will be started immediately, and will always be charged the $50 cancellation fee. I don't recommend them.


    Review Rating

I have 3 completely separate accounts with dot5, one for me, one for my church and one for a gospel singing group. I have been with them for over 3 years and have been mostly satisfied with the sites as long as all I want to do is add more pictures or blog posts. Editing the meat of the site is a different story and always results in a "live chat" with someone who gives me a canned response. Now with the Vdeck 3.0 migration, everything is slower, PHP scripting is a joke now and takes forever, everything quits more often and the live chat is now just "leave a message". You also loose all ability to use an online web editor for any pre-existing pages, meaning you must either use external builder, or completely rebuild your site. And they give you no choice to "upgrade" or not. Not acceptable. A stop payment on my credit card is going on first thing Monday morning for all three accounts.. just in case they try to "keep" me as a customer!

    Review Rating

For the third period our site have been down. Last time over 4 days and still out. Nothing is to be found in the browser; not our site, not their own mainsatie with liv chat, not FTP connections, Not PhpMySql connecte...nada!

After three days from sending mail to support, I got an email respons saying the site is working fine?? Now some 35 hours later - nothing- nothing - nothing. Can anyone giv me an explanation? I'm movin out.. Big problem though since their backup arrangments makes a backup on their unreachable servers...

    Review Rating

I have had some issues with support and down time. How as of the last 6 months the uptime has been great and have only needed to contact support twice. I am going to be renewing my contract with them in October.


    Review Rating

Just signed up with an account with these guys. Worked fine for few days. Long enough to upload my small web site. After that, attempting to update the website with revised html pages kept producing

Response: 553 Disk full - please upload later

Error: Upload failed

errors. My web site size is less than 1MB at the time and these guys are promising 300 GB of hosying space. A total scam.

    Review Rating

Dot5 caught me with there great prices.

I set up my account and was just running html pages and a phpbb forum. The forum was down 90% of the time. I had crazy database problems. Some one could just browse around on the forum and it would lock tables. I reported this to them several times. No action was taken to get a permanent fix in place. They would unlock the tables threw phpadmin and then say problem fix, Except the problem would come back 30 minutes later when some one browsed the forum.

I also had problems with the email accounts. I could not receive email from any one outside of dot5 network. I mentioned this several times and they would just send an email from [email protected] (inside there network) and it would deliver just fine and they would close the ticket. I had submitted several tickets with very detailed description of the problem and gave them one week to fix it. I told the lady that I want to cancel my account with them if they can not get this fixed in a week. She pretty much ended the chat saying you will have to contact customer service with out even a fight to keep me as a customer.

A course they did not fix the problem. I made the switch to hostmonster and have been so happy since I made the switch. To make things even funnier, I got an email notification about two months after I made the switch saying that the problem with the forum being down is fixed and the page is up and running. I just wanted to write back saying yeah because its on some one else's server.

They are "known" for customer support. My adventure with them put them far from being good customer service.

Exasperated dot5 Customer

    Review Rating

The best way to summarize dot5 hosting is to say that their customer service is nonsensical most of the time. An excerpt from a recent customer support email,

"You can manage osCommerce application using your Admin login information at http://***.com."

The URL provided is the homepage for my site!

And the broken English, let's just say I'm more than a bit surprised when I DON'T get it from someone in their customer service dept.

    Review Rating

part of my site requires a user to register and an email is sent automaticaly by return with a link to click to authenticate the user. This was working absolutely fine for many months. Dot5hosting started to migrate to vdeck 3 (which seems to be a never ending process) and the mail function packed up. I have made several attempts to communicate this via live chat and through tickets only to get this reply:- We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. "Unfortunately, we do not support the issue related to coding and you need to contact the scripting service provider, since we are the hosting service provider as said by the chat agent." Unfortunately for this and the others who wanted to fob me off one of the earlier customer services emails stated taht there was a problem with the php mail()function. I have had other problems in the past like not being able to upload files which were fixed after some debate with no explanation. I think that their support are not interested in the customer. My advice go somewhere else.


    Review Rating

I have some sites hosted by Dot5hosting and I don't think you can get worse support anywhere else. Once they take your money, you are on your own, they do not pick up the phone, may reply to your email if at all after 5 days. Don't be deceived by the cheap hosting price because your are not getting any support. My experience with them is not anything to write home about.


    Review Rating

My first year with Dot5Hosting was fine. There were only a couple problems with the service, but the pricing was reasonable and while setting up your account, they are very helpful. After I renewed, however, it all went downhill. My domain name started pulling up other random websites that aren't even hosted on Dot5Hosting. After numerous emails and phone calls to them, they finally told me that my account had been hacked, which is ridiculous. Nothing had been hacked--they were simply being irresponsible about their DNS service. Uptime got worse and worse and when they stopped taking my calls and responding to my emails, I gave up. I tried to get a refund for the time remaining that I had not yet used, but those emails also went unanswered and I finally gave up, frustrated and angry, and switched to NearlyFreeSpeech.net. Stay away from Dot5Hosting. Do not let them anywhere near your credit card (they will continue to charge you without telling you if you don't cancel before the renewal period). Switching to NFS.net is something I will never regret.

Marcelo Montes Deoca

    Review Rating

They have the worst support I ever experienced with any company.

    Review Rating

i've hosted 2 sites with dot5hosting.

they've had this stupid transition thing that they want their customers to do manually.

they want me to verify my account but the page they are sending me to does not load and has not been loading for the past two weeks.

their support is horrible, they never provide any kind of answers but instead tell you to email them about your issue.

also you usuall have to wait an average or 40 minutes each time for support and they seem clueless about what they are doing.

they are absolute bullshit of a hosting company


try hostgator or bluehost

much better there

Ken Eckert

    Review Rating

I am an English instructor at an American university. I have had a personal website with Dot5 for three years. The technical service has been adequate and the reliability of the site passable. My biggest gripe is that I have spent a week attempting to cancel service and believe that Dot5 is attempting to defraud me. They will not accept a cancellation unless it is done by telephone, but do not answer their telephone. They will not respond to requests to cancel. I am considering requesting a stop payment order at my bank as this sort of business practice borders on criminal to me. What is this-- no one quits the mob?

Don Ober

    Review Rating

My page was taking 5 to ten minutes to to load for over a week! When I called for help I was treated so badly I wanted to scream. I was promised it would improve in 72 hours. It did improve to about 4-8 minutes to load. I was given a whole host of reasons (excuses ) why it was slow all pointing to me. Its funny how when I moved the web site and its contents unchanged to a new provider how all the problems went away! Dot5 stinks is the only advice I can give

m. cloud

    Review Rating

My 6 months with Dot 5 have been so completely awful, that, while I am still "technically" a customer, I've moved my site to another host and have taken all of my data off of their servers. I am only waiting to cancel my account until I am positive that they cannot mess up my domain as backlash.

Almost everyone of my support tickets (the ones that were answered) had the same response, "We do not support that" and the ticket is immediately labeled "Resolved", and closed. When the sendmail function stopped working in Jan. I could not even find a tech that understood what it was, instead they just kept saying that they don't support custom scripts. After several days of doing my own investigating I found that the problem was that they had changed the path to sendmail during a system wide maintenance, and told no one. Within 15 minutes of pointing this out to a tech, my site went down and I recieved 3 emails stating that the username and password for my account had been changed per my request. When I called them about it (3rd time I had to contact them that afternoon) I was first told that I had requested the changes in live chat that day, and that they had verified me by credit card info. When I offered the transcript that I had of the chat to prove that I had not made any such request and that I had only contacted them that day on the sendmail issue I was told that I had miscommunicated causing this "unfortunate" error. As for my site going down at the same time, when I was finally transferred to a real tech, I was told that my domain had been inexplicably pointed to a different server. That just sounded too fishy to be coincidence.

Then came time to migrate to the new platform, which they advise on their site to do manually if you have a dynamic site, and that their engineers will help with any problems. When my site got stuck in migration for over 24 hours, support told me that they do not support manual migration, regardless of how many times it is stated throughout the transition kiosk. They continually kept telling me to switch back to automated even though I told them, countless times, that I was stuck, and that the button in the kiosk to switch back was not functioning AT ALL. It took 3 days of my telling them this before they would even check. It took over another week to get my site migrated, and immediately, my small forum of less than 170 members, with never more than 4 or 5 on at the same time, was completely unusable. if the pages even bothered to load at all, it generally took more than 2 minutes. For several days all of my support tickets regarding this were closed without reply. I spent 81 minutes on hold for phone support and was disconnected twice before I was able to speak to someone, and then I was told that someone was using to many resources so all the sites using that MYSQL server were slow, and that if I needed it to be faster I had better purchase VPS! For a forum with a 6MB database!

I got my files out of there, and was lucky enough to guess that the username and password for my domain registration were the same as the original ones from my hosting account. (they never actually provided me with the domain user and pass)

I've learned my lesson from this awful experience. the price may be cheap, but it's still far to expensive for the total lack of support or professionalism that they provide.


    Review Rating

Dealing with dot5 is absolutely horrible. I can only upload a few files every few days. After waiting an hour for support - which once they support you plan on being on hold for another 30 minutes while they 'look into your problem'. They always come back with the same answer - everything looks fine here... yet I can upload fine to the other account I have with them. I think they over promise space and delete your files and block your ftp as they need to - I have lost about 50 gig in data from their servers this month. I am switching carriers - I cannot wait until August when my contract is up. Please do not use them. I can't even say use them to store files as they will probably lose them. Looking back I would pay 3x the money not to deal with them - the time I have lost alone trying to rectify things has been substantial.


    Review Rating

I host about 7 or 8 site with these folks. Web hosting has been decent in the 6 months I've been using them. Nothing to complain about.

Email, on the other hand, has been a constant problem. People get bounceback messages daily and I often send emails that are never delivered. No failed delivery message or anything. I've literally spent hours dealing with "tech support" (both over the phone and via email) with absolutely no positive results. Zero. Nada.

One tech support rep was able to consistently reproduce the problems I was describing and, being unable to solve the issue, forwarded my case to someone who was supposed to be able to. His reply was to say that the problems didn't occur when he accessed my account, that it must the the fault of hotmail, gmail, etc.

If they can't keep their email server working comfortably with the big free guys, then why bother offering email??

Bad, bad news. You get what you pay for with dot5 - not much.

Janice Tirmenstein

    Review Rating

Dot 5 does not work well and or sometimes at all with Firefox.

They give almost no support and the wait time can be over an hour.

Brad Walseth

    Review Rating

The price is good, but service is the worst. I'm usually pretty calm about things, but their support staff is rude and untrained. Site is down at least once a month and they lose visitor data frequently (although they refuse to admit it).

You will usually be referred to the tech dept who will respond with a "looks good to me" response.

When they upgraded vDeck I was having some problems and the rep kept telling me to use Microsoft commands on a Mac (despite being told frequently that I was on one). Had to resort to having my IT guy figure it out because they were useless.

Robert Haulin

    Review Rating

The above website is no longer with Dot5Hosting because they deleted all my files without warning! So much for "Unlimited". I am a filmmaker and photographer and used their hosting since 2006. Then I logged in tonight and EVERYTHING was deleted. Unprofessional! WARNING stay away from these guys!

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