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When your business is your lifeline, Downtown Host knows exactly how to help you succeed, and has been providing cutting-edge web hosting services since 2001. Built by a team of experienced, competent professionals, Downtown Host knows that the Web hosting business is more than just fast servers & fast connections, providing real, cheap web hosting, live web hosting and support services, helping your business to grow and expand, and offering an instant helpdesk to which queries can be addressed - no more waiting for customer support, and we aim to have all problems sorted out on our time, rather than on yours!

Downtown Host specializes in providing all sizes, types and fields of business with high quality, affordable web hosting plans, offering features that you could expect from much more expensive services, at a fraction of the cost, and unlike other web hosting companies, Downtown Host also specializes in providing excellent online customer support. We offer our full suite of comprehensive, full service support packages at no extra charge, and even throw in a 30 day money back guarantee to ensure that everything is just how you want it!

Florida, USA

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Hosting Reviews for Downtown Host


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I signed up for this host on 6/28/2006 according to the welcome email that I found just before making this review so I could have correct dates.

Now I wish to state how I feel about this host. I personally love this host even though at this time I do not have an active site hosted with them I will get into why later.

In my opinion the support is beyond perfection and if this site had some thing beyond perfection its what I would give this host. Mainly because they go above and beyond what I ask for or put in my support tickets.

Now I do wish to list issues I have had with them which were all worked out.

First issue was with the need for php 5 around this time last year. the server I was on was upgraded how ever it broke other sites so was downgraded and I was moved to a server that had both php 4 an 5.

Second issue was when a site on the server I was on was causing the CPU to spike and taking my site down. I was then moved again to another server.

Third issue was when my own site was causing the cpu to spike. They contacted me and told me which script was causing it, which turned out to be my shoutbox so I then removed it and got a better one, better in the fact it uses less cpu but also has less features but still works fine for me.

The last issue which was back before I moved my site from this host to another one was when my site kept going down at random times for a week and it was later found another site was running a script that kept crashing apache. I should mention this is only 1/2 the reason why I switched hosts the other was the need for more space then what this host offers.

I do how ever plan on opening a site called ocpower.info and it will use my account on this host.

    Review Rating

I've tried all the top host recommended by a bunch of review companies and out of 11 hosting companies, downtownhost is by far the BEST i've used... Going on 1 year now and can say i am moving all my clients to this host... Fast and reliable with REAL support in REAL time... A++++++ for me


    Review Rating

I was pretty happy with this host until about 2 weeks ago. I started with them in fall 2006. Their website (for support, info, etc) is sub-par, but there have been steady improvements in the last 1.5 years. In general, emails to support are answered within a day, if not sooner, even at night/on weekends.

However, sometime around 3 weeks ago, they changed something that seems to do with how PHP works. They didn't send an email warning about the change in advance. Just one day, I logged on to make sure everything was OK, and the site was down. I sent in a support ticket and they did respond right away and helped me get it back up quickly. However, since then, I have had a number of problems that did not exist before and support has been slower and slower to respond. I don't ever know what they did, and I'm not a pro, so I don't know why I'm getting the various errors and how to fix them. Very disappointing.

John V.

    Review Rating

On the first year, we were very happy with DownTownHost as we rarely encounter down times with them. We have a reseller Shared Hosting account with them. But the nightmares started about a year ago.

All our sites would go down intermittently anywhere from 5-10 time daily with 10mins to as much as an hour intervals. This was just unacceptable. We went back and forth with them to fix the issue. They ended up replacing a hard drive. Then just after a month, the problem started again. At this point, we have already lost a handful of clients.

We are slowly moving our remaining sites to a new and better hosting provider. Stay AWAY from DownTownHost as I don't think they can ever recover. They are indeed on the downhill now...


    Review Rating

I have been with Downtownhost for over 1 year and have had good success with them until lately....

My AWSTATS and webalizer stats have not updated for a whole month. After complaining a few times and after being blamed for causing the problem, I was told it is a CPanel programming problem and they have referred it to the programming. Still haven't heard anything back.

I have a spammer on my server and they do not want to track down who it is. SO i keep getting email returned as spam.

They are seemingly going dwonhill as all WH providers seem to do eventually.

It is sad, They used to be a good company!


    Review Rating

DownTownHost use to be good. Abot a year ago, I began to have problems. That also coincided with the lack of "support".. Apparently, there is much wrong with the service. The last time I had to call "support" I was actually told "It's not my problem". After no further response from their "engineers" I decided to change servers. Ironically, I still get email messages asking if my "issue" is resolved. I have given up responding as directed as I never got a reply.


    Review Rating

It's a fast server, but it has continuous memory problems, so it's not good for big websites or blogs with more than 500 entries.

Also, I contacted technical support to solve the memory problems of the server, and they told me things to do to test and nothing worked, after that, they doesn't want to give me further support, that's why I think that it could be a valid hosting but only for small websites.

Ted Tripp

    Review Rating

I started using downtownhost about 4 years ago and at the time they were inexpensive and solid enough. Like so many hosts, downtownhost deteriorated over time. I suppose if you have a do-nothing website, downtownhost might be a good choice, but only if you ignore the thousands of hosts that are cheaper, the same price or marginally more expensive. Keep shopping. I am not sure if they still claim 99% uptime, but do not believe it. Apparently, that simply means the server is turned on most of the time. I have had multiple sites with downtownhost, some run significantly better than others--support seems unconcerned about bad external monitoring numbers. If you are lucky enough to get a decent server, the next hurtle is support. They are quick to respond, but that's the extent of the plusses. Ping-pong support--you report, they do something or ask a question, tell you to test it, doesn't work, back again. After awhile one begins to wonder if it's intentional and I often asked myself, "Why the hell don't they just fix it?" I finally moved one of my sites because of multiple issues that suddenly arose: 1. SWUpload (a Flash Javascript tool) was throwing io errors. 2. Sub-folders were not reading index.php. 3. Site editors were reporting getting redirected to porn pages. Solutions: 1. They wanted a login to edit so they could see what swUpload was doing. Fair enough, but I did not trust them, so we never got that far. 2. Index.php they resolved by temping a Drupal .htaccess. Home page worked, but nothing else did. When they have a solution, they do not test, they just throw it back to the customer. 3. Porn pages; they said they fixed it. They did not. They did not tell me what the problem was (I'm assuming a breach in the server) or how they fixed it. That's when I dropped them. There were too many second chances and no explanations. Apparently, there are only two people in support and they do not have the time to close tickets. Must be a nightmare to work there.

    Review Rating

I moved the last site mentioned below off of downtownhost, but have another which I will be recommending to the customer they cut their minor losses and move to another host. Ran out of disk space. They told me I needed to buy more--I was only using 1/10 of my disk. The problem is in the swap and main disk being 100% full. Jorge responded "We are having a 15GB of RAM memory, there is no issue with it. You can ignore." Their support is like playing an endless game of ping pong. This is a very typical response by someone who apparently cannot be bothered to actually look when making sweeping assumptions is more expeditious. Again, the above reponses are perfectly normal to them. I moved to mddhosting and cannot speak for their support as their servers never seem to have problems. Apparently they use radical monitoring tools to alert them of little things like YOUR DISK IS FULL!


    Review Rating

Been with them for 2 years now, they always seem to have issues every month without fail, you can check there twitter and facebook page if you dont believe me there servers are not down for minutes or even hours they are down for days.

At this time when placing this review my site has been down for more than 24 hours i am unable to receive emails which means i am unable to work and earn a living. i have now moved my domain to a better hosting company and i am still waiting for them to sort the problem out.


    Review Rating

Not recommended.

I was with DownTownHost for a year, and I was very satisfied with them after the first term. I chose to renew my account for three years.

Although the renewal fee was paid, and it was clearly visible on their own UI, my account was set to suspended. The support agents just kept saying they'll forward me to someone else. They repeatedly waited until the support tickets auto-closed.

Refund proved to be the magic word. When I mentioned I'd like to have a refund for the weeks my site was offline (but paid for), they became totally unresponsive, and tried to shake me off by any means.

This tactic certainly works, as there is not much I can do about it. They essentially stole my money, and didn't host my site.

The support score goes without saying. As for the reliability and pricing scores, I considered how much I paid, and how much uptime I got for it.

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