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To provide the best hosting muscle to the best PHP CMS system (i.e. Drupal, of course!) We provide the most powerful servers that run on the latest and most optimized application software.

World's Best Webhosting for Drupal. The only webhost in the world dedicated to Drupal webhosting!

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Hosting Reviews for DrupalValueHosting

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Reliability: There are occasional downtimes but are usually solved within 10-30 minutes. I've been at other hosts and downtimes can go as long as a couple days which can be fatal. Server speeds are very fast and load is usually between 0.90 to 3.00ish. See for yourself here: http://www.drupalvaluehosting.com/members/serverstatus.php

Support: Ticket responses usually vary between 10 minutes up to one day.

Features: The features are abit lower than the typical major hosting company (9gb bandwidth vs unlimited/15gb of other hosts) - but what's the point of "unlimited" bandwidth if you cant use it anyways :P

Pricing: Usually it costs 10 dollars per month (vs 4.95 of many other hosts) but definitely worth it considering great support and uptime + speed

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Drupalvaluehosting had a great start . Unfortunately they could not carry on this great way . Usually you can not get response for the support tickets. Many problems with server configurations . Last July many users have experienced '500 Internal Server Errors' .. They are moving the sites from one server to other server without asking the site owner .. I can not say they are reliable any more ..


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DVH is DEAD. No support, no moneyback, no server speed. This company is near dead.

p.s. Amit, give me my files back.

Former DVH User

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They are on their way out. They have constant downtime. I monitored my sites off-site and for the past few months I didn't see a week go above 95%. I have had support tickets that go unanswered and have been open for several months.

Every once in a while they will send out a bulk email to subscribers with a ton of made up excuses for the constant problems. They even have to send the email from a gmail account sometimes because their own sites are down.

Try and check out their support forum page at drupalvaluehosting.info, it has been down for a month. When it was up they hardly ever answered questions posted there. They would however delete any negative comments within and hour so you know they were checking it.


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Apparently they have enough time to post to Twitter and try to attract new customers, but they don't have the time to answer support tickets from current customers.

Their servers get hacked pretty frequently (entire server not just single accounts), something that I have never experienced on another host.

Their is one way to get decent customer service out of them, for a short time. If you post a positive review on a site or forum somewhere and send them a link, then they will help you out. They even sent out several emails asking customers to do this.

Their servers go down very frequently. They even took down all the information on their server status and uptime page. Just check it out on their site, it's empty.


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DVH is essentially run by one person so you cannot expect stellar support. Amit Gupta (owner) leases bigger servers, and parcels out smaller accounts from those. The DVH server I am running on actually comes from fdcservers.net (IP address: DrupalValueHosting.com is running on a subset of IP addresses from SoftLayer.

I subscribed to DVH to check them out for a personal site. While DVH offers good features (when they are up & working), the support issues when they go down are a deal breaker. I cannot send mail to hotmail or earthlink now because of a lengthy, unresolved IP ban on DVH servers. I would not put a client on there and I do not intend to renew.

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