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Established in 2002, Dynamic Hosting has grown to become one of Canada's premier hosting companies. Dynamic Hosting attribute the growth to an unmatched commitment to extraordinary customer support. Dynamic Hosting understand that what customers are looking for is good value but not at the expense of poor support. Dynamic Hosting definition of good value means a high quality service provided and supported for a reasonable fee. But don't take Dynamic Hosting word for it, on our testimonials page you will find links to several third party websites where any of Dynamic Hosting current or past customers can post comments and rate Dynamic Hosting performance. Dynamic Hosting take pride in knowing that once you do your due diligence you will see that Dynamic Hosting have the highest customer satisfaction rate on many of the online rating sites.


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I've had 4 providers and after 3 years of almost perfect service I can truly say Dynamic Hosting deserves the kudos they have been given that made me try them out after having 3 very poor experiences with the larger hosting providers out there. Strongly Recommended!

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Appalling. They do NOT have 24/7 support. They don’t answer the phone and takes an average of 4 hours to get a reply. I complained about constant downtime, and finally complained to the BBB and in response they terminated my account within 48 hours.

They deal with complaints by simply terminating your account! No wonder they say their clients love them, because they terminate everyone elses account with 48 hours! I personally think this kind of approach is ghastly. I never would have thought that a company would simply deal with complaining customers by getting rid of them. Which really bugs me is that they're saying they have "satisfied my requests" by refunding me my March subscription and given me two free days hosting to find another provider. Well, that makes up for it doesn't it!

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