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By competing honestly and fairly, eVerity has had to face self-imposed challenges that other web hosting providers have not had to deal with. Still, while more aggressive web hosts have come and gone, eVerity has grown steadily since its inception in 2000. eVerity currently operates with zero debt, healthy profit margins, and better stability than competitors. We boast better uptime too. (This isn't just talk. Feel free to choose any third-party monitoring service, and monitor/compare our uptime/download speeds yourself. eVerity is a small web hosting company located in Orlando, Florida.


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Nothing but good things to say about a host who FINALLY cares about customers. I mean, truly care. Always available, always fair and with prices that are not only competitive, but honest and just. I have had my 12 accounts hosted by Everity for over 5 years now. With 99% uptime, you could not dream of a better host.


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Prompt response for tech support, server always up. Good company.

P Girl

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BAD HOST! Had been with this host for almost two years. Started out wonderful, but over the last months the service/uptime has been poor, access to site has been sporatic at best, and support via the support ticket system (only way you can contact them) is virtually non-existent. The owner, James H., used to answer the support tickets within 24 hours; now, you're lucky if you get answered at all. This may not be a problem if you never need support, but when your sites go down, you can't access your cpanel, your email stops working, and/or you can't get into Everity's ticket system because THEY are down, then it becomes and emergency issue... to which there is no response - your tickets (if you are able to submit one), go unanswered.

There is also NO alternative method in which to contact this host; so, other than the ticket system, in case of their website and/or ticket system being down (or malfunctioning, as it has many times), you are simply unable to contact them. And if like me, you have a reseller account (or other customers relying on your service), of course your reputation will look bad as well. It's a very helpless feeling when you can't do anything to get your customers sites back up, and Everity won't answer support tickets. :-(

After this bad experience, I would strongly suggest others choose another host. Having an alternate method to contact your host in case of their site being down is critical... a phone number, an email address, or something.

Because the issues I experienced were becoming so frequent with no reponse or resolution from Everity, I cancelled my service with them and moved all my domains and customer accounts elsewhere.


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eVerity is the worst. Support is a joke. This is a one man show with James Hold as the owner, tech support, sales, etc., etc. They provide little to no response to support tickets and no way to contact them other than support tickets. Their website is down a lot so you cannot even get on there to submit tickets. This is the worst.

J. Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt

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eVerity is perhaps the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

I won't even refer to them as a "hosting company" because they lack the most basic elements of that type of business. (a) a reliable network / server. (b) even the most basic customer support. If you can't keep your server(s) up and you have no phone number, no email address, no live chat--and you refuse to respond in ANY manner to support / trouble tickets that you require to be submitted--then you are not, technically, a hosting company.

I'm not sure if James Hold--the owner / founder / everyman at eVerity just got tired of being in the hosting business or got hooked on crack cocaine or what. But within a 12 month period eVerity went from being an average, adequate host to being completely off the grid.

In 2010 alone I experienced probably a month of down time... A MONTH. Imagine what that does to your e-commerce. After a complete server failure eVerity "upgraded" to a new, more secure server--that had software that was not compatible with most of their customer's sites. So, I had to pay $1500 to my web guy to go through all of the code on all four of my sites and to make it work with eVerity's new server. Again, that's after being off-line for about a month.

Be afraid of these guys. Be very afraid. They'll wreck your business and your nerves.


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A warning that I need to share: eVerity is about to go offline/bankrupt!

What once was a great hosting company is now getting into one of my worst experiences in the hosting business. Their website is not accessible most of the time these days. The ticket system (the ONLY way to contact the only employee (James Hold)) is not working anymore and I am waiting for my complaint to be answered for 5 weeks now.

Steer far away from this guy; it is a scandalous ripoff and Im trying to get my domains away at this moment.

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