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Edge provides highly available managed hosting services for organizations large and small. Edge is committed to delivering 100% uptime, at a predictable monthly cost, by proactively maintaining and monitoring your managed hosting solutions 24/7. Edge assume responsibility for every aspect of your managed hosting environment — so you can sleep well at night. USA

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Hosting Reviews for Edge Hosting

Beth N. Carvin

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We absolutely love Edge Web Hosting. We have been working with them for a number of years and really feel like they are a partner with us in our business.

We utilize their managed services and have complete confidence that our system will always be functioning perfectly. Their new tag line, Stay Up, Sleep More is really apropos.

In addition to the quality network, intrusion detection, patching, 24/7 service, etc. the team at Edge always goes above and beyond the call of duty for us. For example we often have to complete IT audits questionnaires from our clients. Our contacts at Edge take whatever time necessary to help us complete these (sometimes long and complex) documents.

The senior staff are really brilliant at their jobs and CEO Vlad Friedman always keeps a close eye to make sure we are being treated well.

We feel very fortunate to have Edge handling all of our data center needs. They are phenomenal.

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We made the switch to EDGE roughly a year ago and I regret not finding them as a solution MUCH sooner. System stability and reliability have increased dramatically (we have had zero unplanned down time since we started with EDGE) and in the many years that I have been responsible for IT infrastructure and deployment working with a large number of internal and external Tech Ops resources, I have never had a Customer Service experience as outstanding as we have had with EDGE. We evaluated several options when we chose to switch hosting providers, and while EDGE was marginally the most expensive, the additional value we have received in terms of the responsiveness and expertise of the EDGE team has vastly outweighed the nominal expense.

Vlad and the EDGE team have been an incredible partner rather than simply being a vendor and our web application (with nearly 100,000 users nationwide) has never been as robust as it is now with EDGE "keeping the lights on" for us. Truly an excellent service and a great company to work with.

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