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Edikon is a boutique information technology consulting firm that was founded in 1996 by Big 5 consulting firm alumni. We offer consulting for all IT related issues and we are especially focused on enterprise communication and collaboration, system integration with EDI and XML data standards, web application development, and leading edge web hosting solutions. Our consultants learn about your unique challenges and recommend and execute a customized solution that supports your objectives.Puerto Rico & Georgia USA

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Hosting Reviews for Edikon Hosting

Pablo Federico

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This is a great host that is a bit more expensive than the mass-consumer hosts out there, but I totally recommend them. I switched over after having had bad experiences at larger hosts(won't name as to not defame...). I really like the personal attention I get from Edikon support and I am a fan of their clustered hosting approach. It takes a bit getting used to but once you understand the cluster setup, it's awesome. Basically, all services are on separate servers (i.e. web server, mail server, database server) which means you need to assign your database server correctly in your PHP scripts and point your email client to the correct server. The great thing about this setup is that the load is not as bad as on cpanel hosts, and I feel like I am engaging at a whole new level of techie geekness.

Anyhow, if you are tired of the mass hosting approach and want to work with a reliable hosting company with little or no downtime, this is the host for you. Good luck!

Jim Hirschinger

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I have been using Edikon for Web site and email hosting for my various businesses for years. Their services are full-featured and well-priced, extremely stable, and well-performing. Their support is incredibly responsive and helpful, no matter where an issue lies. I always feel like I am treated like a valued customer no matter my small size.

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