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Eleven2 is a web hosting provider comprised of talented designers, developers, musicians, film makers, business owners, writers, photographers, and much more. All of us at Eleven2 are a lot like you, making it easier for us to understand and deliver exactly what it is that you need.

As Eleven2 continues to grow and expand, it is important for us to hold on to our roots as a company who invests everything into our customers. These characteristics have prompted our current success and isolated us from the rest of our competition. Eleven2 is set at a great pace to change the world of web hosting by treating customers like people, one person at a time.

Texas,USA, London England.


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Hosting Reviews for Eleven2

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Have been with them for several years they are GREAT. As soon there is an issue I am able to go on AIM and get it resolved. I have never had an issue that was not resolved within a matter of hours. We have some pretty hefty PHP stuff on the backend. I have been with about 5 other webhosts before e2 and I will never need another. Most people who come on here and complain need a dedicated server.

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I was originally using Hostgator and ended up having allot of issues with blacklisting and PCI compliant issues.

I am a reseller that has host about 45 web sites between 2 reseller plans. I startd with 1 plan and and added about 20 accounts and didnt want to add so many accounts on the plan - so I talekd to one of hte guys at e2 and had them get me another account on another server so I just spread the eggs out.

THey are great - i wish they IPs were cheaper - but the uptime is awesome and the support is fast - i can always get ahold of them on live chat or phone call. Pricing is the best. I just want to get a reseller plan in another country but they dont offer resellers anywhere but the US right now.


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The few problems I had where easily solved by the staff. Also the support team is very fast with repleis and keeps you updated.

ethan l

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I have used them for a few of my domains right now that work just awesome. Their ruby on rails is very fast and really good priced on the shared. The reseller pricing is not that great right now, but I just use the shared for all my personal sites. My support isnt 5 min response time, but it was about a hour and a half the time I needed to contact support.

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Eleven2 makes me happy! Amazing customer service. And amazing hosting! I am as passionate about eleven2 as I am about Chipotle Burritos!

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I became a customer of Eleven2 about two months ago when I purchased the LaunchParty plan (available for a limited time apparently) for a year. The plan came with 60GB disk space and 6TB bandwidth. The specs offered by this plan are much better than any other shared plan they offer. A full year of Eleven2 Launch Party hosting cost me $96.

Overall, I’ve been very happy with Eleven2. The uptime hiccups in the past were made up by the excellent level of support offered by their staff. Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10. I’d definitely recommend them for shared web hosting, and I hope to remain a happy customer for the remainder of my 1 year of hosting with them.

Full Review: http://enaresh.com/2008/04/02/eleven2-webhosting-review


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With as many listeners as our internet radio station gets, our servers have to be up 100% of the time, and the dedicated servers we lease from Eleven2 do exactly that. Their network is great, their support is great, and for the custom setups we have with them, the value is great.

The backbone connections they use are strong too. After migrating from our old dedicated server provider, we saw a full blown elimination in connectivity problems from our listeners to us - That's a great thing.

I personally have a few friends that use Eleven2 to host their websites via shared hosting packages, and they agree the service is exceptional all around.

I highly endorse hosting with Eleven2.


    Review Rating

I switched to eleven2 after experiencing major database problems with my previous host. I host all of my client's sites with their service and can't say I've ever had downtime since the switch. These guys are friendly and down to earth. I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a solid host for their sites. I really like the live chat they offer and that is about it! I wish they offered djanga support - which they keep saying is coming soon. But other than that I love E2 and would highly recommend them any day.

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I had been with GoDaddy for several years and a friend of mine told me about eleven2. I switched all my sites over with no problems at all from eleven2. Of course I had SEVERAL problems with the Godaddy site. I had a few questions on database transfers and the team at Eleven2 were on top of it. I had responses in record time and the problems were solved. My sites load three times faster now and their C-panel is absolutely awesome. I highly recommend Eleven2.

    Review Rating

I have had many Host company experiences but I was blown away by Eleven2.

Amazing Customer Service from people who actually understand the web business. As a Business owner I have a reseller account and I wanted Amazing Customer Service AND amazingly Powerful Technology. With Eleven2 you get that in spades.

Best. Host. Ever.

Shawn Oliver

    Review Rating

I have been responsible for around 12 different accounts with Eleven2 and they have always been amazing.

Great pricing, Great service, and they always seem to take care of my needs. They have helped me immediately most of the time.

If you want "real" hosting go with Eleven2.

    Review Rating

Whether you're just starting off on the web, a tech junkie, or have a large company expecting massive traffic, Eleven2 can support your needs. From simple hosting to more complex needs, the guys are always able and willing to help meet all of your hosting needs. With extremely fast ticket response time and helpful, friendly AIM tech support, if you ever DO have a problem, they are quick to resolve it.

Definitely highly recommended for anyone and everyone. You won't be disappointed.

    Review Rating

I have been with Eleven2 for about a year now.

-Uptime is amazing as to date I have not seen any down time.

-Customer Support is decent, they say they are online 24/7 but not always the case. but usually give it a few hours at most and they will be back online for any help you need. I'd say they are online more like 23/7. The heat tickets usually go through with fast response time, but not always. I once needed to sing on to AIM to let them know I had one open after a few days. but was taken care after that immediately. I did transfer all my accounts from their shared hosting to a reseller account with no problems at all.

-Prices are pretty average, usually have some sort of deal going on.

-very informative. they are active with their customers on myspace / virb / blog etc. keeping you informed of any issues or upgrades they are dealing with.

    Review Rating

I really love this company. They're really down to earth, they care about your problems (even when you're only paying $6/month) and they make upgrading really seamless when you're ready. I love that they have AIM support in addition to a ticket system, so I don't have to wait around for small questions. Uptime has been great, and everything has been super-reliable. Great host overall!

    Review Rating

Here's a short review because I'm in a hurry. So far I've had a great experience with Eleven2. They've been flexible with my payment plans, and have also helped me out numerous times via their ticket support system. I'd recommend them to anyone!


    Review Rating

I'm really confused by these reviews. Eleven2 has been my reseller host for 2 years and I haven't had any issues with them. In fact, I've paid my bill late several times and they were completely understanding. I've even been given a grace period. Issues have been resolved right away, but I also am savvy enough to solve my own errors here and there, so maybe I'm biased. What support I have received has been more than sufficient and they responded pretty quickly.

They are not the cheapest host that I've had, but they have great service and have lived up to their uptime guarantee. No one has complained about the site being down unless it was something on our end which we handled remotely.

I'd recommend them to anyone looking to resell or host multiple domains. They had all the features we needed and more, and some we never even got around to using. I'd like to see more ecommerce support and modern apps as 1-click installs, but that's a minor gripe. Just keep my websites up & running, and we're good.

    Review Rating

I have been very impressed with the all aspects of this host. I haven't very many hosts to compare them with, but overall I think they are above average.

    Review Rating

I had a shared hosting plan with them, which had too much limits for PHP scripts that needed to execute for a long time.

Decided to go for a dedicated server. It took time for them to provision it, the startup time was long! They actually take an unmanaged one from LimeStoneNetwork.com.

Eleven2's Level II and Level III support is only available during US business hours (not 24/7) so if you have a big issue you might end up waiting for some hours.

The uptime has been very good, and the normal support level is quite fast. This is precisely the uptime that you are looking at when you buy a dedicated server (my first one) and you can be assured they will maintain it.

They are not safe harbor compliant: so big EU websites beware~ with privacy laws.

    Review Rating

I am very happy with this host. I am not that familiar with other hosts, but I haven't seen anything that displeased me with Eleven2.


    Review Rating

Been there for about a year. Have had minimal support issues and would say that their support is way above most other shared hosting providers out there. Some previous reviewers canned their support but I have never had a problem. Once a MySQL db was a bit slow, so they moved my site to another of their servers. Worked buch better. So, if you have a gripe with them, let them know!



    Review Rating

I have 3 different account in eleven2, I use to have 4 and soon will have 2 and so on.

Their machines uptime is one the worse I have ever experienced.

I have been working for 10 yeas in this area.

I lost clients because of their bad performance and uptime.


    Review Rating

i never had a problem before but they're support really sucks, i have a reseller account with them and they have not replied to any of my messages regarding problems with my account.

As you can imagine being a company offering hosting you need to have responsible support, but theirs is not the case.

They say they are "online" well they dont reply tickets fast enough not even for easy stuff, nor they show up in AIM messenger. And they do not have a phone number where you can call !!

So lets say the server is down? who do you call?

The uptime is good, at least i havent had a problem with that myself. I think this host works for individual websites and not so good for resellers.

The company is managed and owned by a bunch of kids that must be playing around all day because they dont take care of their clients.

an Angry eleven2 customer.

    Review Rating

I have a Pixelpost blog, and I've been with these guys at Eleven2 for a year, and they have the worst hosting I have ever had. My site is always slow, or going down for extended periods, and they always have some lame excuse that it's never their fault... and whenever they do admit they were having problems, I'm always told that they fixed the problem, and I should be all set. They are a BIG SCAM. I have my main website http://digitalscenic.com hosted with GoDaddy and I have never had a problem in 4 years with downtime or anything. Eleven2 is run by a bunch of hacks who are very unprofessional!

Matt Stewart

    Review Rating

Ok, so I don't really know where to start. E2 was fine in all areas except support, and as a reseller I need to be able to have access to support 24/7. They claim to have 24/7 support, but most of my AIM messages were ignored and they were NEVER online after about 11pm. I would submit a support ticket and get a response 12 hours later. I used them for a little over a week before I switched my reseller account over to another host (hostgator) that I have been with for two years now and I have had zero issues so far.

So the moral of the story is, they have a nice site but they cannot deliver what they offer.


    Review Rating

I have to admit that sometimes when you read these reviews you're not sure if the bad experiences are a one time thing or a consistent thing for a web host.

After trying eleven2 web hosting I can honestly say this without exaggeration: They truly suck.

They're support is unintelligent and don't know what they are doing. They are also very slow in responding to tickets. They're also overpriced for what they give you and they even tried to overcharge me. Good thing I caught it, otherwise I would've paid more than I wanted.

Bottom line is stay away from eleven2. The majority of the positive reviews are mainly here because these people didn't have to deal with support and they also thought they were getting a good deal when they actually weren't.

    Review Rating

I figured out that with how often my websites have went down that I actually have lost more money via lost traffic and bounced hits then I pay for hosting. They are the worst I've ever used.

John C

    Review Rating

Eleven2 is an ethically dubious company to deal with. Do not be deceived by their marketing. Do not be deceived by their promises of server space. They are intentionally deceptive. If you read the fine print of the user agreement, you will discover that certain types of files are forbidden. These file types are, of course, all the large ones. (.zip, .mov, etc)

What is the point of large server space when you can't use large files? If Eleven2 were a bank, you could store $999,999 there (for only $384/year!) — so much money — but you would only be allowed to make deposits in coins. No bills allowed. If Eleven2 were an open bar, you could order "unlimited" free drinks — so many drinks! — but you could only use a small thimble. What is the point?

Deceptive marketing, that is the point. For example, right now they have plans offering "999,999gb storage space". That is a theoretical number. If you use it, you will get zinged. That's fine if they want to run their business like that but they shouldn't be able to hide it. Hence this review.

If you are a videographer, photographer, musician or otherwise involved in a business that requires sending large files then I suggest you move along. Eleven2 is not the host for you.

(My story is that I'm the CEO of a video production company living in NYC. We need to send large files all the time to clients and colorists. Using an FTP server to do this is a necessity for us as a company. Needless to say, we were very disappointed to realize we had been suckered by Eleven2. Caveat emptor.)


    Review Rating

Used to be good. Something very bad must have happened behind the scenes. I pity them but I will be moving on. They were great when they were great. Now? It seems that if you have too many issues, and actually submit tickets to fix them, you become a nuisance and they harass you. Service has failed. Company is doomed. Never answer phones, even on sales line. That should tell you something.


    Review Rating

very slow in getting my domain propogated. non-functional forum/support.

i made a huge mistake by signing up with these guys.

don't believe the reviews, all hype.


    Review Rating

I could go on and on about how horrible they are but I won't. What I WILL say is: I would rather walk on broken glass and chew aluminum foil than ever use them again.

Here's another complaint about their "customer service" and "support." Those terms are used very loosely when dealing with these people. I too found it virtually impossible to get a hold of them and when I did, a problem that was supposedly "remedied" wasn't and my account got suspended.

That's not the worst of it. When I Twittered about the ridiculous situation, the Eleven2 twitter guy @replied back (publicly)saying "well you should've paid your bill then." OMG! When I asked him to please stop messaging me publicly and send an email instead, he continued to @reply me some pseudo-customer service BS until I had to block him!

Needless to sa, I canceled my account within minutes. When I think of them I think of a bunch of frat boys sitting around drinking Milwaukee's Best beer and playing hacky sack---immature, unprofessional buffoons.


Simon Engledew

    Review Rating

Cheap and cheerful. Looks alright on the php front, but couldn't get Ruby on Rails working at all. After waiting on a support ticket for a week I decided to cancel. 5 days later, and they still haven't processed my cancellation request or replied to my ticket. Starting to wonder if my money is lost forever.


    Review Rating

I've found that eleven2 must not even have support, I'm amazed that they've ever helped anyone. I'm sitting on 3 weeks now just trying to get the first site on-line. I have no access to cPanel, no way to transfer a domain without purchasing one at the same time and they are telling my customer that I have everything I need, yet they ignore my requests for assistance. ABYSMAL. I've never found there to be someone on AIM, the phone has never been answered DURING BUSINESS HOURS. Stay well away from these people, trust me. If you think there is 1% chance that you might one day need support for a site in a business situation, stop right now, and keep looking.


    Review Rating

The support is HORRIBLE. I unfortunately signed up for an extended period of time with them however i wish now that i had not. The guys not only are NOT there 24 hours a day like they say, they're RUDE as can be. I'd terminate my service with them if i was not bound for a long period of time. I'm contemplating changing to another host in the meantime regardless and giving my remaining time away to someone else who doesn't need a reliable host.

Scott Henning

    Review Rating

Like others have said. There SUPPORT IS HORRIBLE. It takes days sometimes just to get a response. HORRIBLE.

AND they decided to offer AIM support service (instead of phone) which seems like it would be cool, fast and efficient. They even say this on their website, "Do you like to chat? So do we! So much so that we decided to be on AIM 24/7!" Don't get me wrong. They are LOGGED IN 24/7, there is just nobody ever freaking there. I have NOT ONCE gotten a response on AIM. Not a single word.

Go with somebody else, these guys are a joke.


    Review Rating

Other then the recent frequent downtime with the site's Database.

The only hosting company that suspended my account because I have some zip files in the server thats content is photos and videos by me to let me download at another location. A hosting provider that discourage user to host files on their server.


We are contacting you because your account(s) or account(s) in your control are currently at risk for being suspended or are currently suspended. Our acceptable use policy can be found here:




Restriction on Storage Space Usage

All accounts are subject to the following restrictions on storage space usage:

Accounts must have valid, working websites, and not violate any previously subscribed terms

Accounts are not for use of mass storage of backups, files, audio, video, zip files or others at our discretion

Accounts are not for us of mass distribution of files, such as torrents or mirrors

Any account found violating these terms may be suspended or terminated without warning

[email protected] [/home/kavemans/public_html]# du -sch download/

44G download/

44G total

Your response / action may be required at this point to avoid any service interruption.

- -

Jim M. | Technical Support Engineer

Eleven2.com: World-Class Hosting, Done Right!


Thomas Adams

11/12/2012 23:03


Kindly note that we will be forced to remove the contents from download folder as its violating the TOS. Please respond to this ticket within 24 hours from now.

Thomas A. | Abuse Manager

Eleven2.com: World-Class Hosting, Done Right!



This means this is the perfect hosting site if you just want to upload a static site.


    Review Rating

A total joke. As others have warned, their sevice is non-existent. I've been with them for almost four years, and they have really gone down hill. Support tickets routinely go unanswered. Emails routinely go unanswered. Beware. Spend your money elsewhere, NOT worth the savings. Don't suffer the same regret I'm feeling, move on & find another host!

A Photographer

    Review Rating

Summary: Stay away from this host if you require support. Their FTP connection constantly drops and is very slow.

I started with Eleven2 in 2006 to start a photoblog. Back then, they didn't have a support ticket system, but whenever I had an issue someone would answer my IM right away.

I opened four sites with them and at the time, there was no consolidated system to view all my accounts until they developed the VIP dashboard. When they moved from litespeed to apache, my site went down.

One of my sites was on CPANEL 11, while the others were on 10. So I asked them to update them a few months ago, the ticket was on indefinite hold.

My latest ticket that put me over the edge was when I asked to consolidate my accounts the second time. Two of my four sites were down for more than day. One site was down for more than TWO WEEKS! The support ticket would be answered every other day - on average. What ended up happening is that my db was corrupted. In fact, 4 out of 400 of what they hosted encountered this.

I lost everything. They do not back up databases. And they didn't recommend a backup before the account move. In my opinion, they oversell their servers and their support has gone downhill. You are better off paying a little more for a site with better service and FTP upload and download.

A little info on FTP, I set my client to use only two connections, and FTP would constantly drop! Not ideal when you have lots of files and images to backup.

In the end eleven2 sucks. Don't be fooled by the slick design of their website. I dropped them like a brick and moved elsewhere. When a host touts that they have millions or so sites - like a McDonalds ad. Keep in mind all those people will need support. If you are a shared customer, you are on the bottom of the list.

Allison Morgan

    Review Rating

Eleven2 is the worst host ever! Eleven2.com lost everything I had! They were doing some type of "upgrade" and they lost all of my stuff. I had been making backups of my site onto their servers but when my site and databases got wiped out my backups were gone as well. You would think that when doing an update they would make the steps necessary to keep your data. My business was vested in my online mailing list and that my database of all my recipients is gone I'm out of business. Eleven2.com ruined me financially.

Corey Demuth

    Review Rating

Oh man, where do I start. Been with eleven2 since just about when they first opened. I thought it was decent back then but lately their "24/7 365" support is a total joke. Tickets magically don't get addressed for days at a time, and never over the weekend. Lately every time I log in to make a slight change to my site, it takes forever because everything is running so damn slow over there. And a few months ago their w9 server went down for about 6 hours!! So much for 99.95% uptime guaranteed... =( I'm looking into another host as we speak.

Geoffrey Daniel

    Review Rating

I am totally let down by this amateurish crowd. They claim to have 24x7 support, but no one has been there on the phone for the last 2-days. Their AIM support is non-existent. OK - the last contact I had said they were moving their offices this weekend, but they would absolutely be there on the phone and there on AIM - 24x7!!! They must have dropped dead from the exertions and forgot to arrange in advance to have someone on the phones and on AIM! I took a day off work and allocated Friday and this entire weekend to try to get a couple of small websites up, and ESPECIALLY to get eMail to these sites working, but thus far it is a bust and I'm hurting. AVOID ELEVEN2 LIKE THE PLAGUE. I'm going to get my money back, or will sue them if they don't give it back.

    Review Rating

I was hosted with Eleven2 for about 3 years total. After the first year, I paid for the CX package biennially meaning I paid 2 years in advance. One year into the CX package my website's server was attacked (DDoS'd) and Eleven2 dropped my service pronto with no refund. I lost half of my payment in the ordeal, 20 days of data, and had horrible customer service. I do NOT recommend using their service.

Chris Kellett

    Review Rating

They seem to get a bum rap for support, but really the support isn't the problem, I honestly think the support guys do everything they can - when they get to you.

I feel their BIG problem is that their system is so un-reliable and flaky that the poor support guys get overrun with tickets - which means getting any response from them is damn near impossible.

As well as this I feel they are understaffed, as the people often fixing the problem are the same people offerring the support. So obviously if they're fixing things they cannot respond.

Absolutely I would agree with some reviewers here about the level of professionalism that you get from the support department, but I feel it depends upon who you get. It's the luck of the draw.

I have had a terrible experience with them over the last 6 months, with constant outages as regular as clockwork. As a result I've lost some hosting clients, as they have lost confidence. Which is always a risk when you're reselling someone elses services.

They would have to completely overhaul the way they operate in order to keep me as a client.

I am migrating all site to another host, and will be cancelling my account - and transferring all domains away from them.

Like I said - They need to really review their operations - especially the reporting of outages and get seriously pro-active and stable before I would ever suggest looking at them.

For now... I would definitely steer clear of Eleven2.


    Review Rating

I would like to draw everyone to my post and experience here:http://www.webhostingtalk.com/private.php?do=showpm&pmid=1907877

Please beware of these clowns

J Ottman

    Review Rating

Poor service, poor support


    Review Rating

I bought a domain that I owned before, and I hosted it off of Eleven2. But this time I bought it from GoDaddy.com, and when I want to point the servers to my new add-on domain it says "This domain is currently parked by another user"...and that user is me, so all they need to do is remove the previous DNS so that it will point correctly. That is suppose to ony take 5 minutes to do, or not even. So its been almost 24 hours and they still haven't done it.

So then I open a support ticket and no one has responded and I waited a few hours. So then I opened ANOTHER support ticket with the same title and message, and then a representative answered RIGHT AWAY.....what the hell is up with that? Why didn't you answer my FIRST support ticket? Then the guy responded "Refer to ticket #01255" and THERE IS NO SUCH TICKET NUMBER. I even checked it all. Wow what a drag this is going on for. Their customer support even says "24/7 365 days a year"...

If I don't get any response or fix tomorrow, I am done with them. I'm moving somewhere else. My new website is suppose to be up right now if it wasn't for this. Looks like its time for me to start backing up all my files from the FTP.


    Review Rating

these guys are the worst hosting company ever... I have never experienced such unprofessionalism and such pathetic response times to support... Last call was 8 hours before the sever was back online... THEY SUCK... THEY SUCK... THEY SUCK... THEY SUCK... THEY SUCK... THEY SUCK... THEY SUCK... THEY SUCK... THEY SUCK... THEY SUCK... THEY SUCK... THEY SUCK... THEY SUCK... THEY SUCK...

Spend the money on a more reliable host and you will save the stress...



    Review Rating

Never EVER TRY THIS HOST.... Read this topic on WebHostingTalk (this is a reliable hosting discussion website)


These other Reviews might be fake - not sure, but their service is good at start, and then when they get their money they get rude as hell!!! Don't even try to do business with them!


    Review Rating

Eleven2 is by far the worst hosting company we have ever dealt with. They have the most unintelligent people working for them. They rush you off a ticket so they don't have to deal with you complaining because of the massive mistakes created on their end in the first place. They don't know how to install SSL certificates and will knock your website down doing so for days on end. Then you must babysit their support to get your site back up and running. If you're serious about hosting, DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT host with these high school level noobies.

Patience Syrus

    Review Rating

The stability of the site has been average, I previously had hosting with YAHOO it never went down or had server issues so I would expect the same of eleven2.

Their supposed 24/7 tech support is a bust. You ask them your question only to be redirected to submit a ticket. Once you submit a ticket they give you a generic answer that doesn't even answer your question at all. Every time I contact tech support they are rude or they deal with you as if your dumb. I am in the process of exploring other options. This sucks because I am trying to get my business off the ground. I really don't have time to pick up everything and move after spending so much time trying to configure my site and customers accounts.

Their features suck. They brag about having web site building tools and several hundred templates but that is not the case at all. Outside of the templates you can find features like WHMCS. When it comes to installing it if there is an error you can't get any help from anybody.

Eleven2 is not a company I would recommend to anybody. They don't care about your little monthly fee and they look at you as if your an ant in the greater scheme of their business. Please don't buy hosting services from them!


    Review Rating

Every time I talk to their support it usually takes them half an hour of them looking for the answer to tell me they can't figure it out.. I would expect that their support team would be able to tell me who provides their SSL certificates. After waiting for half an hour (or more I was hung up on by one rep, another rep just didn't say anything) the rep tells me, "The rep is concerned is not here.".... So their Customer support team is somewhere outside of the western world.

They are huge rip-offs and their pricing is really messed up. What is displayed on their pricing page is not their actual prices, and there are absolutely no disclaimers provided on the website as to what their pricing actually is. I spoke to one of the CEO's directly about this and he was a total dick to me.

I have regular problems with the client area breaking down and not functioning properly.... If a company can't provide basic customer service, then how can you trust their ability to be securing your servers and keeping them up?

NEVER, ever ever use this hosting company. I was an idiot and went with them from a recommendation, I really should have understood after looking at their vague short list of package features that this was not a competent hosting company.


    Review Rating

There was no notification before Eleven2 shifted our content to other server (or change the ip address from to They just assume that all websites hosted on their server are using their DNS


    Review Rating

Really probably the worst host I've ever been with, seriously.

They got me with their good design. Switching hosts ASAP!

    Review Rating

Untill today i would have reccomended eleven2 with five stars. but untill today i have been billed correctly. but today i found that my account had been terminated. apparently i filed a paypal chargback. they terminated my account and wiped the files. i found out later that they had double charged me. but i didnt see anything to this seacond that their was a chargback before. im pissed, my costomers are pissed, and Eleven2 is rolling in my money. A lawsuit is being filed. donot trust this company, the backstabbers.


    Review Rating

Tried as had found good reviews about them on other websites.

I would like not have done it.

Support is terrific, the seems not to read fully your ticket but "random" lines and if you have a ticket open with a lot of reply hardly the "new operator" wich reply to you go to read the previous steps so you have to explain and reeaxplain it for infinite time.

A lot of downtime random, not caused by network problem, not caused by server unavailability, not caused by cpu overload (as thier graphics tell it's all ok) but website random start to go slow and even more slow until stop, after some minutes it start to work again perfectly and this happen randomly on the day (but every day).

Add to this they had a full IP class on spam blacklist and they gived to me a dedicated IP on this class so for a month their space have been not usable for my websites (now hopefully are out of spamlist but hope not fall again for other IP spam ..)

Sorry to say this as when the server are running ok they're realy fast and realy a good hosting for the price but this "random" weakness of power make it not usable for real business.


    Review Rating

Horrible support! Seriously, 1st level service dont read,understand, or know what they are doing when you open a ticket.

Keep clear!

Tom Hnatovsky

    Review Rating

I purchased e2 hosting plan in 2009 and I was quite happy customer. But in the end of 2011 I had to solve several DB problems with their support and it took a lot of time (they answered after several hours).

They stopped providing one of my DB services in the April 2012 without any notification! Support just repeated, they don`t provide this service for my hosting type anymore. They even didn`t offer me any upsell to solve the problem.

Eleven2 WAS a great hosting and now I suggest you KEEP AWAY from it.


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eleven2 is the spirit airlines of hosting companies. They are cheap, don't give a shit about their customers, and have the worst uptime, stability, and speed in the business. If you hate your life and want to make it worse then they are the hosting company for you.


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do not waste time there. you will get incredible support and downtime.

and mainly all the down time is wait you to report them rather than they inform you.


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The only good thing about these guys is the price. Constant slow loading times, support that just wants to close a ticket, and downtime that is WAY below the 99% guarantee. I track the web server performance via 3rd party software and I'm on the Tango server (reseller plan). For the last 7 days, server uptime has been at 87.27%. This translates to roughly 91.65 hours of downtime per month. Additionally, the average response time has been 2,683ms (2.683 seconds). There have been some hours (the system keeps track by an hourly average) where the server took up to 9 seconds to serve the website on average. This means that visitors during this hour faced a white screen for 9 seconds before the website started to load, and then maybe another 3-5 seconds for the page itself to load.

Don't host with these guys. They need to go out of business because it's a terrible service. Save your money and go elsewhere.

Dana Hannon

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Worst service ever. no one answers the phones, or live chat.


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Avoid this company at all costs! Their support team is awful. None of their servers are redundant even though they claim they are. I host about 12 sites there and I am forced to constantly reach out to them about server outages. They excuse is always "we have looked into the settings and tweaked some things.. that should not happen again"... THEN WHY AM I TALKING TO YOU WEEKLY??!?!

Right now I am fighting with them because they decided to move my site to another server but failed to move all the files when they did so. They did this without asking me, and now I have to jump through hoops to get them to undo the mess they have created.


Do not trust them with your business.


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I paid to have a domain renewed and eleven2 forgot to renew it and I lost the domain. I've been a loyal customers since 2005 and have purchased over 70 domains with them. I've dealt with my sites being hacked, massive downtime and slow loading times, only for them to say they cant help me. Now I'm going to have to spend over 2000 dollars to get my domain back even though I paid for it. I will never use this service again and I've been in the process of transferring all my domains to another service

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We operate a small website design business in Australia with 23 years experience in design and marketing. We operate our own VPS servers, MS Exchange servers, DNS and have experience in Virtualmin, Cpanel and Plesk panels. We are responsibly experienced but certainly not experts. We were looking for a low cost cPanel solution for our lower end clients and chose Eleven2.

We have found their product and service appalling. In 6 months we have lodged 14 support tickets. We had trouble with firewalls, permissions, crons, hacking and finally the whole server IP was blacklisted on global blacklists. At this point we asked for a credit for the unused portion of our 3 years of hosting. This was denied with no counter-offer.

At the time of writing this review the server is still blacklisted with no communication from Eleven2.

We offer a huge warning to all prospective customers. Stay away from the company.

Your business and clients are not worth the risk.

Help us to help you! - Review Eleven2!

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