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Elpex.com has been specializing in running the latest versions of Windows 2000 web hosting for years. Elpex multiple redundant backbones ensure that you will have the speed and uptime you demand. To reach maximum uptime and availability, Elpex combine a highly robust, leveraged cluster of servers with a complete line of managed services, including load balancing, advanced security features and superior customer support.

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Hosting Reviews for Elpex Hosting

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The company RUZEHN and Mohd Rashit Hayat are all Frauds. The company RUZEHN has been shut down a long time back because there's a law suit running in court for all its fraudulant related web activities in Kuwait.

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RUZEHN is an interactive media company based in Kuwait. We are majorly into website design & hosting. What can i say ... Business was never better.

We have been hosting with Elpex for over 2 years, but since last months there has been a reverse attitude.

As a reseller i am facing daily complaints from my accounts for mails bouncing back, not reachable, IP blocks, Spam.

Above all i believe there is just one person on the support team who has to use a spell editor.

Response style is weak and usually a one liner (astalvista baby)


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My site has been down for 5 full days - my site usually goes done for 1-2 days every 6 months but I haven't given it much thought because my site is a hobby site.

with said.. 5 full days with no support. enough is enough... I've been with this company since 2008 and if I had a brain I would have move the site 7 years ago... nope, I was lazy and put of with the majoy down time... well not this time 5 FULL days is TOO long to be down without even a reply

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