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EPhost is a San Diego website design and hosting company. EPHost have been providing web hosting, web design and dedicated server hosting to businesses nationwide for over 10 years. EPHost are committed to excellence in service, technical skill and professional customer service.

You'll find EPhost, Inc to be comfortable place where we give you personal attention for the best web hosting experience in San Diego! Whether you are new to web hosting, or have highly advanced needs, EPHost have the solutions for you.

San Diego, California, USA


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I inherited EP Host as my hosting company when my former host sold out to them about 7 years ago. I guess I took them for granted and figured all hosting companies had somebody knowledgeable and helpful on hand all hours of the day. And that my website is simply ALWAYS UP AND WORKING.

I had a special project to do for our business and made the mistake of hosting elsewhere because they offered a service I needed & didn't realize EPHOST could do for me. At this other company the site was constantly going down (once for 3 days!), couldn't get them on the phone nor would they answer e-mails, for days at a time. The website constantly had problems they wouldn't address.

I called EPHOST on the off chance they could help me, and they did. They built me a custom shopping cart that's exactly what we needed. They're reliable and great to communicate with. After the jam they just got me out of, I'm a customer for life!

-Karen Duke


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