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EuroVPS was founded almost a decade ago back in 2004. Today, we are a leading web hosting provider with over 5,000 customers, 47 private racks of fully owned enterprise grade hardware colocated in Amsterdam, and 17 full time staff members based in Holland, England, Kiev, Athens, and Kochi. EuroVPS is an accredited RIPE Local Internet Registry and NCC Member since 2006. We maintain our own network, IPv4 and IPv6 address space.

Over the years we have nurtured a culture of high attention to detail. Whether that pertains to how we setup our hardware, our website, or our interaction with our customers, our standards for excellence are set high. We believe that this drive to out do ourselves is the fuel of our success.


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Hosting Reviews for EuroVPS

Giwrgos Katronis

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I have been using EuroVPS services since 2008. I have never experienced any downtime. Support issues are handled professionally and timely. My only complaint is that I did not find this host earlier. Wholly recommended!

George Polymeris

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I have been with EuroVPS for the past 12 months. Must say, there uptime and performance is great, but what makes them stand apart for me, is the special attention they pay to customers. Coming from fasthosts.co.uk, the differnce after moving to EuroVPS was night and day. In regards to uptime and in the attention they gave to my support queries. Leaving from a host that offers the world and does nothing but try to find ways to overcharge you, to this host has been very good choice. I needed attention and good knowledgable support team that knows that they are doing. Had a few joomla, and phpbb, and apache problems, but they were all solved quickly and explanations given so that I could learn it as well since I showed interest in what was the problem. The only problem I had was because I tried to do a mass mailing and was shutdown for 5 hours because they had spam complaints. After making a few mails I was able to fix this myself and get a confirmation stating this was not spam from the person that complained. It was a newsletter for my site which was wrongly picked as spam alert.

Jessica V.

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Excellent uptime and support. The engineers are very quick to reply to tickets when something goes wrong, and always with the utmost professionalism. Highly recommended.

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