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eVentureBiz is a Web 2.0 and business development company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada USA, that provides web hosting and development services for businesses and individuals who need a helping hand learning how to get online and knowing someone will be there to help them.

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Bob Foster

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I have only been with eVentureBiz a few weeks. I picked them based on the information presented on their web site—their philosophy is different from most others. I found out later that every word was true and these folks go far beyond what would normally be expected.

Since their hosting service provides free installation of WordPress themes, I provided a newly designed third-party theme for my WordPress blog. Unknown to me, the theme I purchased was incomplete and full of bugs. John Hoff and his staff fixed all these problems, and the time and attention I received was nothing short of phenomenal in today’s anti-customer-service world.

I am now recommending eVentureBiz to everyone I know.

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