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Evohosting is a privately owned web hosting provider that strives to provide an unsurpassed experience for all of Evohosting clients. Opening up shop in 2004 with a commitment to providing great uptime and excellent customer service, Evohosting have progressed from strength to strength without having to compromise core values.

While other hosting providers are focused on meeting monthly sales targets, Evohosting's customer service team is dedicated to the complete satisfaction of every client. Other web hosts keep their costs down by using antiquated technology, resulting in frequent delays and downtime. Evohosting uses enterprise hardware and cutting edge technology, allowing Evohosting to prevent and identify many of the issues that cause downtime and delays.

Now part of the GoDaddy Group of companies that include GoDaddy, Media Temple, Host Europe, 123-reg, Heart Internet, domainFACTORY, Domain Monster, RedCoruna, Domainbox, Donhost, Brand Fortress, PlusServer, Server4You, and the Paragon Internet Group which uses the brand names TsoHost, WebFusion, daily internet, MrSite, DataFlame, and Vidahost!


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I've been with evohosting for quite a few months now (my first webhost) after good recommendations. They have been superb in responding to my queries, no matter what time of the day (10 minute response at midnight). I have been in contact with them not only about web hosting, but also general conversations, showing that there are real people hosting my website :-)

Cost wise they are very competitive, and the wide range of features is a plus. I always get max speeds from the server (100mb), when using SSH, and the uptime is excellent. On the extremely rare occasions of downtime, they are very quick to let us know what is happening via the blog, and also twitter.

Mike Foston

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I've been using EvoHosting for a couple of years now. I started with a single account from which I ran a couple of web sites but I now have a full reseller account with them which I use for my own sites and for those of my customers.

I have found their Support to be generally above average, certainly compared to other hosts I have used, and the ability to occasionally chat with them via Instant Messanger rather than via a Ticket System has been very useful.

The reseller service has a huge range of features, all included in the price and are constantly updated and patched to keep services secure. Downtime has been very minimal, and when systems are affected they make sure they keep us in the loop all the time.

I'd happily recommend them!

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I've been with Evo since 2006 and I can say that I'm very happy with their service. Since day one. They had problems (like every other Company) but they rectify it very quickly.

I've decided to leave Evo because of my personal choice.

But is a website hosting company that I would recommend without any second thoughts.

Tim the director was very helpful and soon as the Company grow the Costumer and Technical teams are highly trained.

Thank you EVO

Had 2 accounts with them in this time.

Even when it was a user created problem they would still be very polite and helpful.

All I hope is that new Company I'm transferring is the same.

Paul Guckian

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Used Evo for 2 months. We were getting continuous 503 errors, which Evo and ourselves were unable to resolve. Copied to another provider, no more errors from Day 1. No phone support is a major disadvantage if you have a live commercial site.


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If you want a basic hosting provider then fine but anything outside setting up a hosting package and taking your money forget it. In my dealings with Evohosting it has become apparent that this company has 1 staff member - The director Tim Mole. If you want to put your business in the hands of a repackaged/ re-marketed hosting platform managed by a 1 man band - go ahead. He ain't too helpful either.

I had issues with my account due to an error with login details. I proved my identity beyond any doubt, providing copy/photos of documents, passports etc - even a picture of me holding the passport and apparently this isn't enough to prove my identity - Its easier to cross an international border with no passport than to get this guy to help.

I am locked out of my account and Evohosting is withholding my intellectual property - in particular my domain name - Now the owner Tim Mole has taken to ignoring support tickets and Im stuck.

If you give this guy your money just make sure you dont have any issues cos you'll be left out in the cold and he doesnt care.

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