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We at Evo have taken every measure possible to ensure you get the best service possible at the lowest prices known to online hosting solutions! Our prices are the result of extensive market research, allowing us to provide exceptionally low prices without compromising performance.

With no hidden fees, no last minute charges, no price increases for current customers, you can rest assured you're making the correct decision financially by choosing Evolution Host.

Our outstandingly affordable prices have made us internationally acclaimed in the field of hosting solutions. Affordability meets superiority with each and every package.

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Hosting Reviews for Evolution Host

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My last review was removed. Someone mistakenly stated I couldn't of been with these guys for 3 years since the domain is only 9 months old. They were formerly evolutionhost.co.uk. Check the whois information on that domain. It also points to their current domain.

Back to my review.....

Been with these guys for close to 3 years, built up a pretty good working relationship with them. They are extremely helpful. Their VPS hosting is the best I've seen. Power to price ratio is pretty impressive.

I would recommend Evolution Host to anybody.


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Ana, if took the time to read my review you would notice I said 'close to 3 years'. Even if I didn't, I need to have exact timing? Please stop trying to ruin the reputation of hosts you know nothing about. Evolution Host are good guys.

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