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Features, flexibility, security and cost. These were the main stipulations we had when setting up eWallHost. After using services from several existing companies, we found they all came up short in one way or another. So, we decided to set up a hosting company giving the kind of service we would want and expect. And now, we offer it to you. Our team has spent considerable time and effort crafting packages designed to give you the features, flexibility and security you need for your business or website at an unbelievable low cost!

We have looked at every aspect that businesses require and we promise to deliver on every front. From domain registration, shared web hosting, dedicated servers and VPS hosting, we set out to guarantee unparalled service with full 24/7 support. We aim to help your business grow by supplying what you need, and as technology develops so will we. Using feedback constructively and staying ahead of others, our team is here for you now and in the future.

With a proven track record we are passionate about you and your business. Giving you the control and support you need with multiple services to fit any budget, you can rely on us to help you. In fact, it is all about YOU! Every aspect of ewallhost has been created with your needs and convenience as the overriding factor. Our reputation is based on your satisfaction, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Hosting Reviews for eWallHost.com


    Review Rating

I have never experienced such an excellent host like ewallhost.com. They are proven to be the best dedicated server provider in NL.

Servers are stable and their performance is good.

Their technical team works around the clock and do solve issue!

I recommend them to use for those who are interested in getting quality services.


    Review Rating

I've used eWallHost VPS plan for my websites and I have good results with it... I recommend it for people that know about hosting business.


    Review Rating

Great and fast services ewallhost provides for their customers. And their domain registration services are beyond praise. They are cheap!

Tabitha Vann

    Review Rating

I like the way eWallHost company provides their services, expecially their domain registration service. Prices are low and support is fast and skillful.

Bobby Hubbs

    Review Rating

I have been using eWallhost for the past month and I have had no trouble at all. Their support is really quick and I have always found someone who answers me back immediately despite our time difference. I am truly impressed.


    Review Rating

The first and foremost thing about eWallHost is that their support is extremely fast, courteous and helpful. That is the primary reason I am happy with them. They deal with even the tiniest issues with extreme professionalism and speed.

Ph. Salmons

    Review Rating

45. My website runs really fast with eWallHost. Its not a html website, but use large database (300mb++).

I recommend and guarantee you will have a peace of mind with this hosting. They use fast server, their web hosting is fast.


    Review Rating

This is the perfect host! And having deals with them means your IT business is in the firm hands.

Mandy Saenger

    Review Rating

EwallHost provides magnificent hosting plans. If you are looking for a good web hosting provider I recommend them.

Leah Carey

    Review Rating

I'm very happy with eWallHost's servers so far, been using them for a months and both performance and service have been very good and the pricing is outstanding. I will definitely stay with them.

Dirk Schweizer

    Review Rating

They really look after their services. I would strongly suggest them in other developers/designers/small businesses on the web. And prices are low.

Anita Wellman

    Review Rating

I've signed up for eWallHost and I can say from my humble experience that the services are pretty darn good. I mean I haven't tried all the companies out there but in the end who has?

Sarkozi Agotha

    Review Rating

Fantastic web hosting. Support is always helpful and prompt. I have no complaints. The servers up time is excellent. I recommend this host to anyone.

arvind singh

    Review Rating

Actually i didn't know anything about spam ip. I have purchased expensive plan and just uploaded my files. they even notify me to contact them for something spam ip use and how can i protect that from myself they had blocked hosting


    Review Rating

Very worst service from Ewallhost.com non reliable team.


    Review Rating

They spam the fuck out of you by selling your data to third party providers. Stay away unless you'd want 10+ spam SMS and emails per day.


    Review Rating

I got domain from them when they had a free domain for a year offer. These scum will sell your data to others, that will call you and spam you with texts on the daily. Do not buy from them. Their excuse is that if you dont buy whois protection, it is our fault that they sell the data. Ultimate scum. Avoid.

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