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Since the launch of EZPZ Hosting in early 2007 we have grown from hosting websites for a few friends and local design customers to hosting over 200,000 domains for clients around the globe.

We employ a number of staff to provide you with true 24/7 support with some of the fastest response times in the industry. Only the best hardware is used at our locations in the UK, Los Angeles, Dallas and Singapore, coupled with Litespeed and CloudLinux you can be sure your website will always be online and performing as it's best.

If you are looking for a host that is devoted to providing a reliable service with some of the best support in the industry, you've come to the right place

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Hosting Reviews for EZPZ Hosting

    Review Rating

Having just moved to EZPZhosting I can recommend them entirely. They worked quickly in setting up my hosting & moving my forum. Working long into the evening to get everything ready to go. I have already recommended them to a friend who has signed up. A* for EZPZhosting!

    Review Rating

Having used several web hosts EZPZHosting is the first to make you feel truly valued as a customer. The level of service I have received is outstanding and the reliability, speed and features offered by EZPZHosting are fantastic when available for such competitive prices. EzpzHosting have shown genuine appreciation towards my website and have strived to make my hosting experience as pleasant as possible. I would have no hesitation in recommending a professional, dedicated web host such as EZPZHosting to anyone. Many thanks!

    Review Rating

This is the only host ive found that gives a damn. My site Never goes down and if i have a problem with anything they are straight on it...would never go anywhere else.

Paul Reed

    Review Rating

I've ticked perfection on every category because quite simply that's what EZPZ hosting is. I run several businesses that rely heavily on internet presence and I simply cannot afford to have any downtime. EZPZ has been the most reliable web host I have ever had, ad their support is just superb. I would highly recommend this host to anyone.


    Review Rating

Everytime I have a problem it is always resolved in five to ten minutes which is amazing as you normally have to wait a few days.

Also there has never been any down time which is superb and the fact that they live so near me is amazing.

    Review Rating

When i first signed up i knew nothing about website hosting, however after getting in contact with the fantastic support team, every problem i have encountered has been resolved. I have to say that that the support on this site has been second to none. Within minutes i got a reply with the correct answers to my questions, and there were lots of those!

I would just like to say thank you, for the superb support.


    Review Rating

I am absolutely free from the headache of finding right hosting solution. I am very happy with the services from ezpzhosting. I always refer them to my friends and business associates.

Salvatore Di Guido

    Review Rating

I was looking for a European host comparable with American and Canadian companies in therms of Prices and features.

After a hard search over the web, i have found some positive review about ezpz hosting here on hostjury and i have subscribed for the master package.

This is the best shared host i have ever seen, very fast support (within minutes after a ticket is opened), very fast server connection and processing power.

Absolutely suggested.


    Review Rating

I found ezpz last week and have hosted 4 sites with them. I got to say, Perfect and superfast outstanding customer service i have ever had in my life. Fantastic support by Daniel. Thums up and 10/10.

Can't complain...

    Review Rating

I'm usually quite lazy and don't go in and give reviews of services that I use... but I have been so impressed by EZPZ that I felt it was warranted to write a positive review.

I've used a few hosting companies before some have been ok.. with one or two things that have disappointed me with service, and others have been downright atrocious *cough* streamline.net *cough*. So when I found EZPZ via google I decided to do a bit of research. All the reviews I have seen were good.. so I thought i'd put the pre-sales to the test.

I always like it when a company has a contact phone number, it definitely helps re-assure me as to the professionalism of the company. The call was answered promptly and the chap on the end of the phone answered all the questions I had with satisfaction.

I then tried their live-help system too, which again was responded to quickly and answered with confidence (the person knew what they were talking about!)

So.. I took the plunge. Still erring on the side of caution, I opted for their lowest cpanel package. No sooner was the payment taken, my account was created and I could upload the site.

Speeds have always been good from the site and as yet (touch wood) there has been no downtime.

Because of the top notch service I have received, I am migrating more sites over to EZPZ and have already recommended them to others as a solid bet when it comes to choosing a hosting company.

Full marks from me!


    Review Rating

I have only been with EZPZ for about a day while I test them out as a replacement for Servage.net (NEVER use Servage.net), so I can't comment on long term uptime etc.

However, the level of service I have had so far has been brilliant. I think the average time for a response has been 2 minutes and I have had lots of queries etc.

The speed of getting anything done is almost instantaneous and the speed of the servers has been an order of magnitude faster than my previous host.

My only worry is that they will get too many customers and that the service may drop in the future, but as it stands now I have to give them a perfect score. Keep it up guys!

    Review Rating

OK - so its early days... only a few days in, but the level of support I've experience up to now is just phenomenal... a custom installation of PHP4 so we could rescue an ailing Zen Cart site, including a "PHP dropdown selector", custom configurable shell access, unbelievably fast response times and great server performance.

I am posting this because it feels almost too good to be true. I'll come back in six months and report again, but right now I'm just stunned!

    Review Rating

I found these guys while writing up a complaining review of the shambles that call themselves HostOnce. I figured I had nothing to lose so I left HostOnce and started with EZPZ. These guys are outstanding. I am nervous about longevity as I have seen so many other "too good to be true" services (in other industries) collapse as a result of their own success. I wish them every ounce of good luck and hope they can maintain the momentum. They are fantastic in every regard. Five minutes to respond to every support ticket I've put in? Outstanding. Kinda beats the three to four weeks response time from HostOnce (when they used to respond, that is).

Keep it up guys. Please!

    Review Rating

I've been using them for a week, for my shoutcast station. Their streaming services are not rated. Rating them with "Perfection" is not good enough.

I only needed support once, for pre-sales question. All replies came at an average of 3 MINUTES after sending my questions in (using their support ticket system). They don't offer telephone support, but no problem, since they are so fast when replying using tickets, it's nothing to worry about.

They also give affiliate accounts, where they deposit 10GPB for free, and you can get them when you are at 50GBP (so, the first time you need to earn at least 40GBP), with a pay rate of 25%, but I am not sute about this as I wasn't able to find it after I signed up.

Go for them if you need very cheap and very reliable hosting!

    Review Rating

Having been with another hosting company and being constantly let down, I decided to try out EZPZ Hosting.

I have never had such fabulous customer service! The reliability and helpfulness of the staff and their expertise is second to none. I would highly recommend EZPZ, and having now been with them for over a year I can say I will be renewing my hosting with them time and time again.


    Review Rating

I got so disgusted with Ipower that I decided to come here, and the reviews on these guys sounded good.

This is unquestionably the best host I've ever used. Incredibly fast servers (My site's running 50-100% faster), by far the best support of any company I've ever done business with, and great features and price.

There's honestly nothing more I could ask for.

    Review Rating

By far the best host i have done business with. Perfect prices perfect support perfect product need i say more? advise every one to buy from them

John Langer

    Review Rating

Brillant hosts, couldn't recommend them more. Pre-sales questions were answered within minutes but you'd expect that wouldn't you. The test came after I had purchased. Support questions were aswered just a quickly if not quicker. If you're going to buy hosting then it's EZPZ there's no other choice.

    Review Rating

Good assistance and good services.

Pieter De Witte

    Review Rating

I've switched from Resellerzoom to them three days ago. So far everything is going great! The prices are interesting and the support is phenomenal.

I hope it remains this good!

    Review Rating

Well it's only been about three weeks now since I started using their services but wow what a great two weeks.

I moved over to ezpzhosting from streamline as the server I was on was very slow and support was quite slow at replying too. I saw ezpz on here and thought I would have a go and signed up. I signed up for the junior pack which is only £2.99 a month for 1gb data and 10gb space as i'm just starting my website and it was setup instantly, had my details and free domain registered within minutes..

Then when my domain was accessible the speed of the servers was quite mind blowing. Maybe it's because i'm from the UK and the servers are from the UK but either way they are fast and that pleased me.

Had a few questions to ask support too and they gave me a nice welcome, good helpful answers and was polite unlike quite a few companies I have been with.

Only down point - I suppose - is the fact I have about 3 - 4 domains I would like to have pointed or added to my account but you need to upgrade your package to have that - rather than have maybe an addon feature?

So overall, what an amazing service I have had so far and i'm sure it will continue. I'll write another review in a month or so to let you know whats happened since.

I'm not sure if EZPZ is a one man show or a big business but either way, friendly and knowledgable staff, quick and easy setup, fast server speeds.. good stuff

    Review Rating

Been using EZPZ hosting for around 2 months now and it's been the best web hosting experience I've ever had. The only reason Reliability isn't perfection is because they're constantly improving the service, EZPZ is by far the cheapest and a best UK web host by far.

John, Warrington

    Review Rating

I've been with EZPZhosting for a few months now. To say I'm satisfied is an understatement. The prices are very good and above all uptime and support ar spot on.

If your looking for a host in the UK, then I highly recommend them. Give them a go, you will not be disappointed.


    Review Rating

After 9 months problems started. The serverload is getting high because of problems with the R1 backup software, that runs every 15 min and gets the serverload very high, that sometimes all websites are not reacheble. This week the harddrive crashes, the fallback did not work, cpanel trouble etc that causes all websites down for day´s. My customers complaining, a lot of shit. This will be a uniek situation, but I hope that the guy´s get everything in control.

    Review Rating

Recently moved to ezpz and so far the service has been excellent. I've been in this business for over 15 years and moved websites between hosts many times, I can honestly say this was the smoothest move ever.

    Review Rating

Have been using EZPZ for almost two months now and have only good words to say. The load times are fast, reliability is good (ok we had some problems but they are always sorted out very quickly) and the support is the best I have ever encountered. Urgent tickets are replied in a few minutes. As for value, I don't think you can get a better reseller package somewhere else.


    Review Rating

I'm almost 2 year with ezpz. Great support, good solutions. Fast connection, etc etc.

Dan is doing a great job!


    Review Rating

I can honestly say i've always believed in 'you get what you pay for' but in this case i'm getting world-class service for next to nothing. Unbelievable. The servers are fast, reliable so far, and the extras you get are amazing so they have certainly made themselves another loyal customer. Keep it up Dan. Your customers are certainly spreading the word about the business, and you deserve to do really well.


    Review Rating

I've finally found a host that is rock solid and stable, complete uptime and peace of mind has been met!

I can sleep soundly knowing that my sites remain up for once.

    Review Rating

I’m a new reseller with EZPZ. I signed up with them back in May after reading lots of good stuff about them. I'm on a UK server - here’s my review:-

Uptime 10/10 – it’s been 100% since I started

Speed 10/10 – my server is lightly loaded at the moment and runs like a dream, had the following comment from my whmcs template provider “Your hosting account was one of the fastest I've worked with. Your server/account provider is definitely a good choice”. Hope it stays that way!

Support 11/10 – Dan, Jamie and the team have been superb, guiding me through many aspects of my setup, answering the most stupid newbie questions super fast and resolving issues for me and my clients with the upmost professionalism.

I have great amount of faith in their service and am looking forward to a long partnership with EZPZ.

Will review again after the first year!


    Review Rating

An all round good host, it's servers are not the fastest I've ever used but it's speeds are acceptable. I've not had any down time worth talking about in the past few years I've been with them and I'm happy with the reseller plan I've got. Having moved from eukhost back about 2010 ezpzhosting support is a breath of fresh air, fast polite and most importantly knowledgable answers to my questions usually within minutes.


    Review Rating

Even tho I have only been with EZPZ Hosting for almost one month now, I have to say I am really happy with their services. Most of my support tickets was replied to within 5 minutes. I have to admit it was slow during the morning (2am to 6am) something around that, but they are a UK company. I havnt had any downtime that I know of, and I've had no complaints on my site by vistors or members. The server speed is excellect.

I would recommend EZPZ. Keep up the good work.



    Review Rating

I have been with EZPZ for 5 years now. It started great - I switched because of downtime. These days my site is down more than its up! I contact them, it comes back...it goes again.

I said I was gonna leave if they didn't sort it, they said BYE.

What happened to them?

    Review Rating

I've been with EZPZ now for a few years, and it's the longest I've ever been with a web host without moving on.

The support is spot on, the service is faultless and the value for money is superb.

Luke Richardson

    Review Rating

The one and only thing that let's EZPZ down is the awful amount of downtime! I've been with them for 4 months and I've suffered at least 3 periods of downtime which last longer than 10 minutes. If my sites go again, I will be as well


    Review Rating

The service is pretty good but my websites have been suffering quite a lot of downtime in the last months, especially over the last weeks. Server status seems to be ok, but still: downtime


    Review Rating

I had high hopes for ezpz; I couldn't find a bad review about them on-line so I decided to give them a try.

I signed up for a starter reseller account on 20th March 2011 and hosted three customers straight away - but the speeds were absolutely awful. I've used many hosts over the years but I've never had to suffer such excruciatingly slow speeds. The sites would occasionally speed up - only to slow back down to a crawl minutes later.

It's not just me - a colleague of mine signed up with ezpz just after I did - he had exactly the same problem. He actually emailed them about it two or three times, only to be fobbed off with various reasons for why the speed was so bad (e.g. sorry, we've had somebody using lot of resources recently but they've been removed now, etc. etc. etc.) - but nothing improved.

Needless to say, we've both moved on! I cancelled my account today, he cancelled his over the weekend.

I have no idea why there are so many wonderful reviews for ezpz all around the Internet - maybe they started out providing a very good service which degraded as they grew, or maybe it's something else.

One thing is for sure - any resellers who care about their customers can not put up with speeds like this.

Goodbye ezpz - I'm truly sorry it didn't work out!

Luke Richardson

    Review Rating

My sites are down for the 3rd time this year.

I've contacted support and thus far been ignored for over an hour.

All my sites are down. I would honestly suggest people host elsewhere


    Review Rating

I'm with EZPZ since 02.2010. The start was ok, but now the service is terrible: slow servers, support answer times over 8-10 hours, each month server issues whitch are causing downtimes over 2 days!


    Review Rating


I was with them 2 years long and was hoping their service will be better, but...

- Their Service Status Information and Network Announcements site includes 102 issues within 18 months/5.6 issues for one month

- most of the issues are: reboots, server unresponsive, performance issues, server offline, drive failures, DDoS Attacks...

- slow servers (but not all)

Many of them have been resolved after a long time, sometimes after a few days.

EZPZ is good for private, small sites, where a server fault will not cause problems of other customers, but it is not a good idea to host with them business sites or use their services and servers to build a hosting business.

Regarding their support, Dan is the only "person" with necesary technical skills to solve some problems professional and quickly. Their 24/7 support works so, that if Dan is not avaiable, you will have to wait so 8 hours till morning. Very bad for US customers who need help during their day hours.

But the worst things are the issues which happen almost every week. Also we got from Dan's EZPZ a VPS free of charge for "life" due so many issues we had with them, it's nice from him, but useless for our customers if their sites or servers are not working properly, or are down.

Now, we are working with two another hosting companies (and they are really BIG) and we don't pay much more as we paid by EZPZ, but their service is much better, we didn't have any issue till today.

Regarding such statements like: "Problems do happen everytime, even more in a big company with a lot of servers..." Yes, they do happen, but EZPZ is not a big company and as you can see, we didn't have any since months and we use servers of BIG companies.

That is my EZPZ experience over the last 2 years with them.

Peter K.

    Review Rating

Prior to autumn 2012, we suffered numerous unexplained instances of downtime, where our website was un-viewable for hours at a time. In autumn 2012, EZPZ security was compromised and our website was deleted (after many previous security breaches with relatively minor consequences in the preceding months). Subsequently, EZPZ was unable to restore our website from backup; basically, our entire site was lost -- the worst nightmare for anyone who operates a website. EZPZ did not offer any explanation, compensation, discount on present or future services, or even a basic apology. EZPZ's products and services are, to put it mildly, abysmal.

John Conway

    Review Rating

Run away while you still can, I first started with Ezpzhosting more than 6 months ago after reading many glowing reviews. Since then I have consistently had issue accessing any of my sites hosted with them.

Kevin Frea

    Review Rating

Every webhost has a problem sometime in a customers time with them. What matters is how they deal with it. Our website was offline due to a hard disc failure and Ezpz dropped the ball, no mirroring, poor backup recovery and very poor support throughout the down period. I'm afraid that we just can't trust them again, may have lost at least one potential client.


    Review Rating

Support very poor.

Reliability very poor.

Server uptime 94%.

Cameron Whitehouse

    Review Rating

I have been a customer of EZPZ Hosting for some time on their largest shared hosting plan.

We have always paid annually but have now sold our websites so opened a support ticket requesting a cancellation and refund of the remaining balance. I received a reply from Dan (EZPZ Hosting owner) saying that's not a problem but I would need to do it through the cancellation form.

I sent another request through the form as requested again noting the request for a refund of the remaining balance and received a reply saying that the request would be actioned within 24 hours.

A week had since passed and I had not received the refund so I questioned them again noting that I had mentioned the refund twice and on neither occasion had they said that this wasn't possible.

I was simply pointed to their terms of service that states no refund after 30 days. I had mentioned the refund request on numerous occasions and they blatantly ignored this request.

I am now being charged for a service that is not being provided and the matter has been passed to a legal aid to deal with.

Stay clear of EZPZ Hosting and Daniel Butcher if you don't want your money stolen!

    Review Rating

Extremely disappointed with EZPZ hosting, constant downtime problems. Have made them aware of this in the past and currently awaiting on answer on downtime problems which are happening as we write this.


    Review Rating

I have on ticket which has not even been seen since I opened it last week. This is very poor and my website is suffering. I am seriously thinking of moving to other reliable hosts.

Ben Hanley

    Review Rating

I currently host 12 websites with these guys, and wish I'd never come across them. The service is horrendous, and the price rises put them in line with most other companies. I have raised a support ticket explaining that I was with a client, and that her site was down. It's four hours later, and there's still nothing from them about it.

I'll never host anything with them again, and will move my sites as soon as I have the time to do so.

Avoid these guys at all costs.


    Review Rating

Service not recommended, support not prepared, the server always down, always slow sites. Terrible hosting.


    Review Rating

Our company had a VPS account with EZPZ and the whole experience with them was a constant nightmare resulting in a large loss of revenue for the business as we are an e-commerce company so constant downtime has an immediate impact on revenue.

We are also getting an incredible amount of spam email into the email account that we used when registering with EZPZ from spambots around the globe.

If you care about your business do not host with this company.

Aby Chackiath

    Review Rating

Donno for what reason ezpz is not responding to tickets...since last two days, even after making payments, they haven't revoked my account status from suspended state to live

Simon Moore

    Review Rating

Very worst host I have came across in my 17 years as a web developer. Don't answer tickets for days then the answer you get is wrong so you open another only to wait a few more days. If you need to do any business at all then avoid EZPZ like the plague. They should have to change their name under the trade descriptions act.


    Review Rating

I don't usually write bad comments for any company but I had no choice this time. Iv been with ezpz for well over 8 years and was always happy and impresed with customer service but recently, it's gone worst. You will be lucky enough to get reply with in 24 hours. I had to move due because whenever i needed to restore site, there was no back up and i was told, there is some problem with the server. Sorry ezpz but i had no option.


    Review Rating

Awful. Joke of a service. Server down for long periods of time and the support is truly pathetic.

Elizabeth Freeman

    Review Rating

I've had an account with EZPZ since May 2009. Initially they were pretty good, reliable hosts with fast, friendly support. Over the years everything has got steadily worse with sites having increasing periods of downtime. At the beginning of 2015 all my sites (about 25 of them) were down for around a week. The support was absolutely dreadful, giving very few updates and unable to say when the problem would be resolved. This was the final straw for me and I moved all my sites away to another hosting company. Initially I decided to keep EZPZ as my domain registrar. However in October 2015 I discovered that a domain I paid to be registered for 5 years in 2012 was never actually registered. In November 2015 EZPZ agreed to refund me for this but have never done so and won't respond to me about the situation at all. It's not a huge amount of money but the fact they won't even talk to me about it has really annoyed me and so I have now transferred all my domain names away from them as well. They may be cheap but they're really not worth the hassle.

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