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FastComet achieves excellence in the three most important aspects of providing a high-quality web hosting experience - speed, security and customer service. By investing heavily in the latest hardware and software technology FastComet gives you up to 300% better performance for your website in compare to other hosting providers. Utilizing SSD-only storage for files and databases and providing Global CDN access, FastComet focus on achieving just-a-second load time for your website content.

In addition to the excellent website speed FastComet offers enhanced security by implementing both web application and network firewall specifically optimized for open source applications. By providing daily and weekly free backups you can always rest assured that your data is safe and secure.

Technical support is another distinguishing advantage in compare to other hosting providers. FastComet provide 24/7 support for a wide range hosting and non-hosting related issues. It is one of the few hosting companies that provides full-range technical assistance for open source applications such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla and more. This range of services includes free installation, upgrade, transfer and template setup, completely free of charge.


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Hosting Reviews for FastComet

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iam using FASTCOMET hosting provider last 10 months , the fastcomet team is provided best support and fast solution today , because my site was down due to opencart customized theme coding problem , but iam worried about my developers cannot to solicite immediate action , i contacted fastcomet team they done well very fast and smoothly, iam written here it was my best experience today , thanks for fastcomet team and management ,so my suggestion who are all starting new ecommerce businesses fastcomet is a worlds best host company.

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I've been with this host for over 2 years now and I honestly can't imagine a better party to work with. Everytime I need something to get done, I just contact the support team through my portal and they get the job done.

They also have servers in multiple countries so I like this (for SEO reasons and reliability). The interface is also very easy to use and I like it that they take everybody seriously no matter how small you are at the beginning. They take you seriously.

The only minor thing is that I don't like that they raised the prices a bit but I guess this happens with every host. Exceptional service, totally worth it and I would definitely recommend them.


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FastComet does not work well. I paid for hosting for Unlimited Domains. I am allowed to host one domain. For the second domain, you must pay for hosting again. It's not fair. I asked for a refund on the second day after the purchase. I need hosting for Unlimited Domains. They just do not answer. And do not return money. They are deceivers.

Allan Johns

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I signed up with Fastcomet a few months ago. I've had a few issues with the server going offline, or not being reachable. Support has been so-so.

One thing I recently learned however, is that their "dedicated" hosting, isn't actually dedicated. First it's some sort of VPS, as there is no way they

can offer the same specs for all of their dedicated servers (Quad-Core Intel Xeon CPU E5-2680 v3 @). All of their "dedicated" servers come with this

same CPU, but each has more "cores" and more memory -- also the storage space, seems a bit awkward too.

Not to mention the server I had (I've since cancelled and moved on) was hosted with Linode, where I could have gotten the same services for far less.

I don't know if this is their way of making tons of money off people telling them they are getting dedicated hosting, when in fact they're just

getting a VPS, but it's very shady, and I've reported them to the BBB, not that I expect anything to come of it. While their hosting was I'd say

about a 7 out of 10 overall, once I learned of this deception, I took my business elsewhere.

Be warned, there is something shady going on with Fastcomet, and I'm inclined to believe that the larger portion of these "positive" reviews are

paid for -- I'll be amazed if my honest, negative post even makes it to the site.

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