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Since 1999, Fasthosts has delivered market leading online services to the home, home office and SME markets. The business has a successful track record and proven business model in providing high value, award winning products.

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Hosting Reviews for FastHosts

Eric Kendrick

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I use fasthosts to host and manage customer websites I design. Service has been very good, and miles better than ipowerweb (who I'm still trying to transition all my sites from).

They mishandled a security problem last year, but have since tightened their act. Didn't affect me very hard, but then I changed my password when requested so they weren't forced to reset it a month later. In response to the bad press they have improved their pricing structure and cut down on the nickel and dime charges they used to give (extra for stats, smtp etc).

About the only weak point is no Cron/scheduled job support, otherwise very happy with them.

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For Joe Average, Fasthosts does the job but if you are look for flexibility and support to suit your needs, look elsewhere.

Really disappointed with them.

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I've had experience of there dedicated servers and of their hosting packages.

Their telephone support is truly shocking!

As for the hosting I think that there are too many restrictions + a lack of functionality.


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I signed up for the FastHosts.com unlimited reseller program, and had to cancel within a day! The program looked like it was a perfect fit, and it would have been, but their service is extremely unreliable, and their control panel is unusable! I was (and am still) looking for reseller hosting for my web design clients, something with an easy to use control panel (not cPanel or Plesk). The FastHosts control panel is a good concept, but most of the pages/functions in it are broken, and even if everything worked it would still be missing many advanced options. I called their support department six times in the first day I signed up because of all the trouble I was having, but they weren't able to resolve most of my issues. Also, on their website it says you can have private name servers and custom branding of the control panels for free, but really it's $99 per year for each. I even got their support rep to admit their website lied, but they refused to give me those two features for free. I called them up the next day, when I found their control panel was down all together, to cancel... BOTTOM LINE: STAY FAR AWAY FROM FASTHOSTS. It's a shame that they are so horrible, because it would have been the perfect solution for my web design firm!


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Support has deteriorated since I joined them over 7 years ago. At first I found it reasonable, reliable and not bad value. I started using Windows servers and then found more applications using Linux. Then the problems started. Restrictions on Linux are dire putty to chmod! can anyone tell me why there is a security issue with chmod via ftp program as I am not that technical.

Restrictions on PHP scripts are severe and there is little or no support in the technical section for PHP or Linux. In my opinion Fasthosts have moved away from being approachable and eager to resolve technical issues to being rigid and corporate and Windows centric

I had to resort to changing server options on one domain from Linux to Windows to get a simple PHP formail script generated by the excellent Coffee Cup form builder. A simple easy to use script generator, that I have used successfully for years. Guess what after unresolved support questions I change from Linux to Windows and hey presto the script worked? I was under the impression that PHP and Linux went hand in hand and that PHP and Windows, well they work sometimes but you take your chance.

I have had unresolved issues on a support ticket lasting 6 days well judge for yourself.

Sorry Fasthosts but you are losing the way. My Verdict: up time good, telephone support helpful and proactive, Web support mediocre, Windows hosting so so, Linux hosting stay clear

Kerry Murdock

    Review Rating

Nasty horrible horrible company.

They will autorenew services having hidden the way to cancel them.

They will take money off your card - and you will never see the money again.

Their customer support line appears to be staffed by very agressive people.


Search through twitter for comments by people about fastshosts... It's the same story everywhere.

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Do not go anywhere near these guys.

We cancelled hosting 2011 and in Feb 2012 we had emails saying that the hosting was due for renewal. Tried to cancel (again) and they said that as renewal had been issued we would still be charged. Luckily we paid by paypal so complained to them and they refunded the money(ha!). Then last week we got another renewal notice form them!

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