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FastWebHost.com is an industry leader in affordable web hosting solutions. A privately owned in CA, USA based company, FastWebHost.com is one of the fastest growing Hosting companies with over 120,000 domains, rock solid support and acclaimed network infrastructure. Since 2002, FastWebHost.com has provided affordable Web Hosting, Domain Registration, VPS hosting and Reseller Hosting solutions to meet the demands of the ever expanding global internet community. USA based company.

Formerly called Ehostpros.

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Hosting Reviews for FastWebHost

Michael Pinchak

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after 2 bad weeks of downtime fastwebhost finally fixed the problem with there server for my site..still the best web service and price around...for years most reliable! A+

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From experience of over 20 hosting service providers, they are in the top 5%. Their online support is amazing and to the point [only these day, you have to wait for up to 12hrs, otherwise anytime of the day - they are there to satisfy you. Little advise - Believe me Responsiveness of technical support should be your utmost criteria in choosing a hosting provider!.

So far, very much satisfied with the performance of their servers, features & technical support!

Keep up the good work


    Review Rating

FastWebHost.com has been selling reseller web hosting package, and incidentally FWH has a satisfactory technical support for its clients.

We have been hosting with them since 2008 with billing cycle from sept - with annual contract / payment. We have been paying happily the bills received and services renewed year by year.

Out of the blue - in mid of contract term, FWH sales personnel chose to terminate annual contract arbitrarily and send the annual bill from earlier dates. Upon protest, they pointed out that for their faulty billing they have under invoiced their client by more than 50%. So they claim to rectify the bill sum and seek the difference from now onwards.

Upon explaining that they have taken annual payment; and if at all they want to increase the billing for next billing period - they have all the rights and customer will have reasonable time to decide, if they wish to continue. BUT they persisted with their extortion like attitude, perhaps assuming that customer can't seek migration in such a quick time frame and will end up paying money demanded. Upon being explained their illegitimate stand and protesting against such unethical behaviour - they suspended the services leaving us hanging and huge suffering including of reputation.

Upon legal threatening, they decided to undo their wrong doing and unsuspend; and allow us to download our data from their server. BUT by then, damage was done. It seems, company has adopted this practice of pressurizing its customer to pay additional sum shamelessly and ruthlessly. Interestingly, they argue that many other customers have happily paid such sum, so you should also pay.

We had another account with them, which was cancelled by them for resource issue. They asked us to leave, but denied us the refund due for 7/8 months of unavailed service on the pretext that we didn't claim it that time. If money is not claimed then does it become unclaimable? BUT their sales personnel have chosen this tactics to extract more money during the contract term.

Any existing customer - who is also forced to pay like this must be cautious in not falling in their money extraction trap. New customers must be extremely careful, as this or worse can happen with them with such unfair and arrogant business practices.

They are shameless to undo their claim, if they are told of legal consequences for their wrongful claim. can they be trusted?

I must say that they have good technical support team 24/7, but how can such vendors be relied upon, who can exploit your constraints.

We have decided to take up this issue in our local consumer court for damages; and request that people with such experiences must also put a claim notice in consumer courts. Consumer courts are quicker and zero cost way to deal with such crook vendors.

If they want to contest any of the above claims through public board, I am willing to make all communication on their support thread public to substantiate my experience.

    Review Rating

I am a customer of them since 2004 (formerly eHostPros.com). I would say that the quality of service is decreasing over the years: they have all sort of crazy rules for spam that will just get your emails deleted by their system without you knowing about it... I have to open a ticket with them every 1-3 month and test if they put back those rules. For example if you use the word "specialist" in an email, a smart filter will pick that up as "cialis" and simply delete your outgoing email (which you thought was sent out). Same for the incoming emails...

Their support is not fast replying their tickets, but they will always come back to you within a few hours (which is acceptable for me).

Besides their bad ideas for managing spam, their plans have a very good value and I am satisfied for the level of services I have at this price.

They upgrade and maintain CPanel OK, and sometimes migrate all of your data to a new server as well, all this for no additional cost (but a bit of downtime).

Michael Pinchak

    Review Rating

I have been with these people for your when they were ehost but since the change over to cloud platform nothing with problems with web-site has been down off and on since sunday nite.. 5 days in a row..I even got a email from internet seer stating my site has been down Total Time on Error: 3 days, 11 hours, 27 minutes, 25 seconds..wow..they keep telling me they fix the problem but if they give me my money back for the year i will take my chances else were..very unhappy with there poor service..

    Review Rating

This company was originaly EHostPros, been as customer for over 1 years but ever since taken over by FastWebHost several years ago has continuous server side errors, constant email problems, double charged for same domain registrations, website down for days at a time, tech support gives no assistance, only keeps you on for 1 hr 40 minutes keeping telling you to "hold on" until they finally disconnect the chat. Online chat advertized 24/7, rarely ever there though. Same problems again and again and again after assured it is fixed, especially with any pages that run PHP they're always a wreck, or any emails you send through their server they lock you out of your accout and shut down your websites claiming exceeding the daily limit (250) even though the send mail program log proves you have not. They might be cheap, but you get what you pay for and what they offer isn't worth anything except you should be paid compensation for your time wasted and revenue lost because they didn't have their act together. NEVER EVER USE THEM. Look somewhere else.


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Fastwebhost.com has few issues like server side errors, When you install joomla package server errors messages come on the screen and in order for you to move forward with the install you got to contact tech support to have them remove the server messages. I was using fast web host for my nonprofit group and some times my site would go down with 404 or 500 errors and than few mins. later it would come back online. I been with other hosting bussiness and they never had server messages errors come on the screen.

    Review Rating

I had bluehost, justhost, hostgator, and fastwebhost.

I have never come across a hosting company as bad as fastwebhost.com

My sites are constantly down, and the times that they are up they are painfully slow. They are basically ripping people off and taking your money.

STAY AWAY FROM Fastwebhost.com

Take your money somewhere else

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