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FlashedCoder offers a diverse service range of hosting solutions. FlashedCoder have got solutions for the businesses of any size or complexity. FlashedCoder offers start with a package of Shared Server and Dedicated Managed Server account class. You can enjoy low-cost web presence with this package and complete variety of account upgrades to manage growth of your online business.

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ernst wolthaus

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I subscribed to a hosting plan of flashedcoder.net, mainly for the use of the MS SQL database. To my surprise, they couldn't get it to work. Because of that (their lack of proper SQL knowledge), I cancelled my subscription. I asked for a refund because that was was they offered a money back garantuee in 30 days. They initially kept bugging me about the database. But when I made VERY clear i wanted my money back, they told me they would cancel the account and transfer the money (pm. 130 euro).

I never did receive the money, though I asked for it several times...

After a year, I got a invoice and a reminder to pay for the next year. I e-mailed them, reminding them I had cancelled and that I was still waiting for my money back... They promised they would refund... Yeah, right! NOT

After 2 years, I again received a reminder that I should renew my subscription. I told them (in words I normally never use) they could f*ck off.

I wonder if my subscription has to be renewed in a years time.

BTW: I called the billing company and they said they would stop working for flashedcoder because there were more problems.

In short: DON'T use FlashedCoder. You WILL get into problems!!!

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