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From 22 June 2017, FlexiHost customers will become part of our Freeparking brand!

Consolidating customers into a single brand allows us to focus on delivering, developing and supporting a single suite of products. Ultimately, we want to provide you with a better overall service and experience.

Sit back and relax - you don't need to do a thing! We'll take care of everything for you.

We began hosting from the stand point of a webmaster or a web customer. As we all started as a team of web designers. We knew what we liked and disliked in a hosting company.

So that is how we set the foundation of our Web Site Hosting division. We knew that customers wanted a variety of Web Site Hosting plans, at the lowest price available, they wanted Cheap Quality Web Site Hosting. In addition, users needed top quality support and security. They wanted to know that their web hosting would be monitored around the clock. That staff were at hand and on location 24/7. They can rest assured that what they store on their account and our servers will be secure. Along with staff and support, is top level service. Knowing that when your domain name is entered into a browser, your website comes up as expected.

So with our 99% uptime commitment, that is what you get. You can rest easy knowing our staff is watching over your web site and server. As always, keep in mind it is your web hosting. Your hosting being the best is what sets us apart, and above the rest. Take Control of your Web Site Hosting!

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