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From its humble beginning in June 2002, Flexi e-Solutions Pty Ltd served the "Value Orientated" segment of the Internet market. Not by offering a sub-standard product at a low price, but by offering a top-quality, feature rich product at an incredible price.

Employees in Flexihostings are empowered to hunt for and implement changes, ask questions and make recommendations. Our mission is to offer low cost internet solutions to individuals and businesses without sacrificing service.Flexihostings keep costs down whilst investing in great technology, fast support and customer service. With phone, fax, powerful control panel, real time online chat and fast email support we make web hosting easy.


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Hosting Reviews for Flexihostings

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I have been with http://www.flexihostings.net for close to 8 years now and the host just gets better and better.

I use a shared host on there ultimate plan. I originally signed up under a promotion called double up which double everything, space, parked domains, ect. i started out with 500MB of space unlimited parked domains and 3 subdomain parking. everything else listed as unlimited.

after 2 years they double my web space again, then after 4 years doubled again, now at 8 years they increased my sapce to 300gb and updated my parked domain to 6 from 3.

this last year I got a long term customer promotion and was able to pay 1 year advance get the 2nd year free. I was just informed that this year if i pay for 2 years advance i get 4 years for free.

price has never gone up. I pay 170 a year. whith the buy one get one promotion i payed 170 for 2 years. and with the buy 2 get 4 i will be paying 340 for 4 years. that is an amazing deal for 300 gig with virtual unlimited everything.

Support is excellent they have been able to solve all my problem ive had over the years. they have been able to enable any feature i need even the rare oddities that come up for projects i do. maybe one of the down sides to there support though is that it is 24/7 support but if you have a critical must be fixed in the next 30 minutes you will have to pay for the extra support otherwise it will usually be fixed within 4 to 24 hours. which has always been fine with me. For a shared server it works very well.

I wont be switching anytime soon cause as of right now the dollar value to the services is better than anything i have seen. I have gone through over 20 hosts and this one has owned them all.

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AVOID. this is the worst hosting company ever used. tech support is so bad you will pull your hair out. all contact phone numbers dont work. 24\7 support is a lie. and the servers are full of issues and often blocked due to it.

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