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Freehostia.com is a web hosting service provided by Snapy Communications Inc., a US-based corporation, which has offices in Coral Springs, Florida; London, UK; and Sofia, Bulgaria. Our company offers a complete suite of professional web hosting services and domain name registration. We have an excellent record serving both the US and European markets, and our customer base as well as customer satisfaction rate are increasing steadily.


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Hosting Reviews for Freehostia

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I used a free account for some time and found the support very helpful. I have now upgraded to a paid account. I pay around £50 a year for hosting and technical support, I am very pleased with the service and have found the support team extremely responsive and happy to help, I am not much more than a novice when it comes to hosting my own site so have asked a lot of what are probably silly questions, the support team always reply quickly and courteously. I don't know how they would host a large enterprise website but certainly I would recommend them for a small business.

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In beginning i use this host in free version :)

There are some problems(slow ftp, unable to upload big count of files)

After that i upgrade my plan to pay account.

Right now there is a lot problem of downtime. 4-5 times a day my site are down :(

In future will search for new hoster.

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I'm using this host in between transferring from my former paid host to a new one.

For the most part, it works well but sometimes the site lags or have problems with the database.

I'm frustrated with their features considering you only get one mysql database but at the same time, it's free so who's complaining too much.

In the short term, the site would be okay to host a mirror/backup of your site but if you're looking for a professional host, I would suggest to go and actually pay any of the top rated hosts out there.

You get what you pay for and when you're not paying a cent, you're stuck with sub-par features.

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Freehostia offers free hosting with PHP and MySQL access. I wish they had Telnet access, but really no one does, so it's hardly fair to criticize them for not having it.

Until last week, Freehostia's service had been incredibly reliable and sturdy compared to my previous host. Additionally, they have their server set up so it gives useful error messages when you're testing new code, also an improvement over my prior host. Sadly, Freehostia moved their data center last week, and it's been a long, clumsy process involving lots of down time. But if they get it running again the way it had been before, I'll definitely be happy staying with Freehostia when I'm ready to spend money for hosting.


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Unless you want your website to go down several times a day then look at the top ten from this site. Now I started with there free hosting then upgraded to there paid package... I'm leaving now to go with a real hosting company, not some Mickey Mouse setup like them.



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They are absolutly horrible! My site has been down more than 40 times in 3 months. Support is always vague and useless and even if you paid your hosting you can't tell them their services suck because that is impolite. Robbing honest folks by not providing what is promised is impolite also!!! I hate them. I wish their server blows up.


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Customer service is virtually non-existent and when it does show its face, it is an ugly one. Very disappointed.... look elsewhere for free or paid hosting services!!


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Very bad! The free package is totally useless 500k file size limit, cannot send mail via PHP, and cannot hotlink. Decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and upgrade my package, only to be blocked immediately, because I happen to use a different IP addresses to access paypal(!?) and they didn't like my domain name!!? Avoid like the plague!!

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