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We are group of individuals that saw that shared hosting has a lot to offer and that there is a panoply of possibilities for expansion. Funio is the Shared Hosting division of iWeb Technologies, and we have been providing shared hosting solutions for over a decade now. That means experience, dedication and commitment to a service that is now the number one entryway to an online presence. Not only are we already established in the hosting world, we want to take our customers along the ride and provide them a hosting experience like none other. We want to make it easy for you to host your website and emails without the fuss of dealing with complicated architectures, price lists or tools.

Our goal is our motto: Web hosting made easy.

Montreal (Quebec) Canada


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Hosting Reviews for Funio

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I purchased shared hosting with iWeb back in 2009. I was able to save a lot by buying 10 years worth. The iWeb shared hosting was sectioned off to a new company, Funio.com. Things started going down hill from there.

My sites have gone from 99% uptime to 93% uptime. I now get daily messages about server 500 messages. When I asked Funio about this, they said that my sites were exceeding bandwidth limits and were being throttled down. My plan that I bought specifically says unlimited bandwidth. They offered me a plan upgrade for $60 per month. This is for a plan that I originally paid $1.83 per month. It's come to the point that I need to move all of my sites to different hosting.

That said, they do respond to support tickets pretty quickly. But of course that is not much good when they can't help you.

Brent Ekstrand

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stay away from this company. will rip u off. they bought it from iweb and are completely incompetent. read the other review sites.. horrible. you were warned


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Hosting was terrible. They had no clue regarding transferring databases and saving it. They just gave me a very generic answer.

In addition, I didn't use their services anymore yet they still charged me after a year of non-usage even though I didn't selected the auto-payment option.

Do not go to this site for web hosting

Andre Boies

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Funio forget, it is a poor service experienced technician, say things they do not even know! careful I do not advice, unless you want to waste your time and money.


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They were good when it was owned by iweb. Now, they are horrible at everything. Stay away!

I have bought a 10 years plan from them in 2010 (it was around 200$ I think). They are now so bad that I moved all my sites to another hosting company, even if I have free hosting until 2020 with Funio.

The reason why I write this review is not because of the frequent downtime, but because of the plain absence of support. Since they don't offer a chat system anymore, I sent them a ticket asking to fix something regarding domain names. 24 hours after, I still hadn't received a single answer, not even a simple confirmation they have received my ticket. I sent an email their customer service to check if they had received my ticket. No answer on any of their emails or tickets 36hours after.

Consequently, if you choose to use Funio, you should consider their support system as simply inexistant.


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stay away and do not use funio is a bad service so bad and it is a scam hosting Service they don't offer a real VPS they offer a reseller plans as VPS and they told no you have a VPS with reseller plan previlage please do not use FUNIO its so so so bad service and it is a scam Service


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Funio / FunioHosting is one of the WORST hosting company you can ever find. DO NOT use their services as they are not offering the resources they advertise! They are limiting your account under the specified values!!! I had multiple accounts on them since years and after investigating the problem on my own (my few small websites with under 100 visitors per day - on all websites - were loading very slow, always using 100% of the "resources"), I just found that my accounts were limited for years! DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES!

During the time, every year there was an issue with them. I admitted small issues, but this is the most ugly event! Few years ago they messed my account with a 6 months old one from a retired server (that was their explanation after a week of emails with support, explaining that my websites are not the actual ones)

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