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Since Gaglani founding in 2005, our customers have realized success because they chose to do business with a specialist. Gaglani approach is simple - build proficient expertise in managed dedicated hosting and stay focused on our customer. It is what steers Gaglani to go above and beyond our customers' expectations when managing critical hosting environments.

Gaglani offer a wide range of managed services with proactive service level management, all based on the unique needs of each individual customer.Gaglani was founded on the principle that we would be a different kind of company to do business with - focusing on the customer, not just technology.

New Jersey, USA

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Hosting Reviews for Gaglani Enterprises

Kent Hall

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Never have I been able to ask questions and get help like I can with gaglani.com! Knowledge about multiple: servers, databases, programming languages, CMSs, and more!

I use their dedicated server and have ZERO troubles - well ok. I have caused trouble and Gaglani has bailed me out time and time again.

Thank you - Gaglani.com


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Our company has been a Gaglani Enterprises customer for nearly five years.

If you’re looking for a web hosting service provider that offers plenty of value and reliability, then Gaglani Web Hosting might just be the best fit for your needs.

Reliability and Uptime:


For reliability and uptime, Gaglani Web Hosting actually scores relatively high. You’ll find that their servers have one of the best response rates in the industry. Coupled with the fact that they are serious about maintaining their 99.9% uptime guarantee, you’ll find a reliable solution for your hosting.



In terms of value, you’ll find that Gaglani Web Hosting comes through in several ways. The most obvious is their pricing. Right now, they offer hosting plans with unlimited disk space, as well as unlimited bandwidth at pretty good rates.



For support, Gaglani Web Hosting comes in pretty strong, particularly for a , low cost hosting provider. They provide both email and phone support. They also offer live chat at all times if you prefer that. Another benefit here is the fact that they don’t outsource their support – it’s all from within the US.

Overall Rating:


In the end, Gaglani Web Hosting is a good solution for those seeking a low cost hosting with a decent number of features. They provide great support, and are very easy to use. It’s a great solution for a lot of different needs, including small businesses and ecommerce stores.

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