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Gates.com believe your web site should do more than just exist online without any interruptions. Your web site should be your calling card, your portal to success and make a stellar first impression for those who come across it with its performance and abilities.

Gates.com are experienced web professionals just like you and we understand just how critical the right web host is to your business; keeping infrastructure costs down while maintaining a high level of stability and performance.

Gate.com has been hosting mission critical web sites since the dawn of the World Wide Web itself, and have been improving upon the concept ever since. Gates.com were the first major web host to implement clustering technology across all of our hosting accounts, and we remain the only major reliable web host to continue to provide this technology at affordable prices.

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MySQL has been down on my site now for nearly two weeks. Tech support is slow, if they respond at all and issues arise all the time.

My databases have either been unresponsive or completely unavailable for the vast majority of the year. I'd be surprised if my site has been 100% fully functional for 50% of the time since year start.

If you're looking for a host, stay away from this one. It'll make you want to tear your hair out.

I'll be transferring my site... just hope I don't have the headaches that others have mentioned.

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