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GeekGhost stands out from our competition with our prices, service and features.

While most hosts offer a 99.9% guarantee, we extend that across ALL services including Email, mySql and HTTP. We back up all servers nightly. A site restore is a support request away.

With GeekGhost, you never have to worry about another shared site on our servers affecting your site as every account is run in its own Limited Virtual Environment assuring that one account will not use up all system resources and take down an entire server. And whether you’re a Wordpress person, prefer building your own site or want us to build it for you, we have everything you need!

Try us out! We’ll even help you move over. If you decide we’re not for you you can always take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee with no hard feelings.


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Hosting Reviews for GeekGhost

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Uptime has been wonderful and responses to tickets are some of the fastest I've experienced. I haven't had a single email or site failure in 2 years. Highly recommended!


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Transferred away from them after a series of issues, things just didnt work like they were promised.

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