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Globat offers superior, reliable and affordable Web Hosting to individuals and small businesses. Globat offers inexpensive Linux Web hosting packages, image hosting, PHP and MySQL hosting and e-commerce Web hosting. Our affordable Web hosting plans are designed for all types of hosting need.

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Hosting Reviews for Globat

Jordi Bares

    Review Rating

My main concern is that they try to charge for everything and you are forced to be very carefull going from opt-out to opt-out.

Countless offers and emails later i am now moving all my stuff away as this is just too much.

I like the fast response time i got on support but technically they have been screwing one of my domains big time and i have forced to solve it by moving to another hosting provider.

After the experience i am out, sorry.

Particulary interesting is some of the packages they offer paying which are mostly very crappy, not really worth it and managing multiple domains is quite a nightmare so i won't recommend it.


    Review Rating

My service experience was decent with the exception of the "Opt-Out" upgrades. The incessant wheedling for more of my money in exchange for meaningless crap finally drove me away. Cancelling my account with them was actually worse than trying to cancel an AOL account, if you can believe it!

Never again.


    Review Rating

I hosted with Globat because I got a free one year service with mail-in rebate. But they never gave me rebate; instead, they threw me an extra year free. No matter how I complained about it, they kept saying that the promotion was for a free additional year of hosting. It seemed like I was blind. So, i used their hosting for two years. During those two years, I was emailed a number of commercial emails asking me to upgrade my plan. Sometimes, they said that unless I took any action, they would automatically charge my credit card to upgrade my plan b/c they said they are so sure that I would take the upgrade. I was like "what the hell!" It was not just one times. I received a lot of those. here is the direct copy of their frequent email:


Dear Landon,

In 10 days from this date, we will be providing you with an upgrade to our new product, GloVault(tm), at the low cost of just $49.95.

As your trusted host, we strive to provide current and relevant

products and services to maximize your experience with us.

Since we began our upgrade program, we have received lots of feedback from our customers who only heard about these upgrade promotions too late or through a friend. Many customers then suggested that we utilize an automatic upgrade process along with some form of an additional incentive to initiate these upgrades. Well, we have listened to your feedback and we are ready to act!

= = = Introducing GloVault = = =

Great news! Upon review, your current hosting account qualifies for our automatic upgrade option to our new GloVault product. With GloVault,

you will have a dedicated storage space to upload and share your files, no matter how large the file size!

GloVault will give you the power to:

Share large files, including those too big for e-mail

Store a copy of your important files online

Access your files from any Internet-enabled computer

Easily download your stored files or allow others to download

Create usernames and passwords for accessing your GloVault

Control exactly which files each of your users can or cannot access

Upload with no file size limit

GloVault is the perfect solution for organizing all your files such as photos, music, video, and sensitive documents. You'll now be able to share large files with many people quicker and easier than ever before.

= = = Important: This Is an Automatic Upgrade = = =

As one of our most valued customers and based on our customer feedback, we are absolutely certain that you want to take advantage of this opportunity.

For that reason, we will automatically upgrade your current hosting package to include GloVault and charge the $49.95 upgrade fee to your account on file on 06/08/2007 unless you specifically tell us not to upgrade you by clicking on the link at the end of this e-mail.

As part of this amazing upgrade, we will also lock in your current account pricing. As a "Thank You" for taking advantage of this upgrade, we

guarantee that you will keep your current hosting price and will not be affected by any future price increases for as long as you keep this account with us.

By the way, your upgraded account will also qualify for 3 free months

of hosting once the upgrade is complete and you are fully satisfied with it. I know that this sounds too good to pass up, but if you, for any

reason, do NOT wish to participate in this incredible upgrade promotion, you will need to tell us so by clicking on the link at the end of this


Ok, if you are still not convinced that this is a tremendous opportunity and you are positive that you do not want to participate, you need to

tell us not to upgrade your account by clicking on the link below (if you do not click this link, your account will automatically be upgraded

and you will be charged the $49.95 upgrade fee):

Thank you for your continued trust! If you have any additional questions about these new products, please contact us anytime at

[email protected], or call us at 1-877-245-6228.

Best regards,

Lou Rio

Vice President of Operations


(877) 245-6228 for US Customers

(323) 874-9000 for International Customers


Their uptime is good though. The main problem with this hosting is that they will try as much as they can to extract any money out of you. Just be careful on that.

    Review Rating

I had a fairly good experience for 3 years with these folks. The live chat support is a nice feature, but often you get curt, semiverbal, annoyed support personnel. The company also seems to engage in tons of buck-passing if you have other than a standard question (or especially if you want to cancel).

WORST THING: their annoying, unauthorized credit card charges. Once they have your CC number, they'll never give it up. They'll keep renewing you forever, even (in my case) if you've opted out of the auto renewals.

SECOND WORST: I host a small, personal blog for things that interest me. It's WordPress. The response time is incredibly slow. Always. No exceptions.

Otherwise: OK.


    Review Rating

They had me change from a terabite account a few years ago to an unlimited disk space account. Make a long story short what they are selling is not unlimited space but close a few gigs of space. A long way from the terabit I had for the same money. The said that disk usage is limited to a what a Normal user would use but refused to give may numbers what so ever on what Normal was. The story is a lot longer than this but the bottom line is they lie about what they are selling then are real bastards and the only choice you have is give in to them or loose you site access. I am going to get away from them asap and hope they do this to enough people so they go out of bussiness.

End of my rope

    Review Rating


This is by far the worst host I have ever dealt with. They mislead you on the plan options and up-time is a joke, support is very lacking in the aspect of every single time I have called they can not fix the issue and have to escalate it to their senior support staff and it takes a long time to fix. They have the worst control panel limiting the client to not being able to add on domains and I have never been able to get a sql backup to take forcing me to have to work one table at a time. Speed leaves a lot to be wanted, I can serve faster from my house than I can from their server.

They do offer a lot of space and bandwidth but it does you no good if all you have is trouble with the server.

Do yourself a favor and search the web you will find a lot of others unhappy with the service.

The old adage you get what you pay for carries a lot of weight at globat.

Sad part of my story is I realized it to late and even though I moved I didnt do it fast enough to get a refund.


    Review Rating


I had countless problems with these guys, don't even bother to visit their website whatever they offer is a load of crap!!!

my e107 page back then took 1-2 min to load any particular page, and they tried to blame it on the code. Please beware!!!

Globat Sucks

    Review Rating

I fit was'nt illegal/ unlawaful to do so... I would go and destroy Globat's office and shut down their website. They are absolutely the worst. Their uptim and speeeeeeeeee..............eeeeeds are the worst and they only seem to have one CC guy working to talk to- Ken (probably out in Phillipines) << not his fault and also, I recently found out that their servers are in Australia... a big issue for those of us serving US customers, geo-targeting by SEs need to be kept in mind. This company is like a friggin broken record.. with we will notify senior mgmt. Oh gee, let's see... they have 2 people working in the company, so go figure.


L Maile

    Review Rating

They charge customers for automatic upgrades without the customer's consent.


    Review Rating

Do NOT use this companies hosting services. They will get your credit card info and fill it up with unauthorized upgrades.

Ann Martin

    Review Rating

Globat advertises that they provide AWSTATS. For the last year, my AWSTATS hasn't been working, ie. no stats were published for me to see and refer to. I repeatedly e-mailed Globat for a year and they repeatedly promised to fix the problem. For a time, they "manually" posted my stats. Then they quit. I sent e-mail after e-mail begging for them to post my stats. I got ignored or empty promises that they would "fix" the problem.

They didn't and my hosting was set to expire. I informed them I would be transferring my account because of this issue. I had a month before expiration and they require you notify them two weeks prior or they will charge your card (which they will not let you delete). Three and a half weeks before expiration, they illegally charged my card. I'm furious and told them, all they said was that they would "reconsider" a refund. WHAT THE?

There were more issues with Globat........like the time my site went down......they had a major server failure. They said all the sites were back up. Mine wasn't. They told me it was MY fault. They said I had to fix it. It took me SIX hours to convince them it was THEIR issue.

I'm done with them besides the fact that I may have to file with my credit card company because they stole from me.


    Review Rating


Have been using globat for about 2 years and ever since I moved all of my sites to them they just seem to get worse and worse. Every time I go to make an update to one of my sites it seems as though there is a problem that needs to be fixed on their end which doesn't allow me to upload any files and I would have to sit on chat with them for about 30mins to get fixed.

I finally decided to move hosts after figuring the move will be easier in the long run than having to still deal with them.. Well, I moved and canceled my account way ahead of my renewal date but they decided to charge my CC 2 months early anyway and when I tell them after 15 emails explaining what has happened, (emails because phone numbers that the chat person provides for cancellation requests no one seems to answer, I kid you not!) they say no problem and I am entitled to a refund but it will take 3months for them to process the refund. And to top it off my account has been canceled for about 2 months now and they still charge me credit card for services i had canceled. So not only am I waiting for my first initial refund but they still charge my CC whenever they feel like it!!!!!

Horrible customer service, Horrible slow connection speeds, STAY AWAY!


    Review Rating

GLOBAT is the WORST. 5 Times they messed up my name renewals. I am transferring all to not have to bother with those F-ing MORONS! The cheap domain price is NOT WORTH IT!


    Review Rating

I agree with the previous reviewers. This host is full of lies. Beware! It has also a habit of charging your credit card without your authorisation and for any amount they consider proper.


    Review Rating

I have never had any complaints about their services, which for me (small-timer) were fine, the site is well-organized, support is good etc...

HOWEVER, the Globat billing practices border on theft or sometimes clearly and simply are theft. E.g. they used to send me emails saying that if I do not opt out of an upgrade, they would simply upgrade my account, and off course they would upgrade the bill accordingly.

I just discovered that they have been charging my credit card for an account that has been closed for ages and that they have added several upgrades to this account. The weird thing is that they are doing this on a credit card that did not even exist at the time I was a client with them. I know it is easy to get confused about such things, but in my case it is clear. After being self-employed (which is why I had the site), I closed the site and went to work for a bank (which is where I got the credit card).

Overall, it does not matter how good their service is, or how cheap they are, I have paid three years of hosting ($500) for a website that did not exist, so I can only recommend to stay far away.

Allen K

    Review Rating

BEWARE GLOBAT BUSINESS PRACTICES - They will extract unauthorized payments without notice.


1) They made an annual "automatic payment" without my permission. (I *never* do auto-renewals)

2) They made the withdrawal weeks ahead of the expiration date

3) They provided NO notice of neither my nearing expiration nor of their intent to withdraw from my registered CC

4) When I confronted them, they claimed to have refunded my money - only it was to a CC account that had been closed - yet they had made no mistake in *taken* money from the correct one!

5) Delay after delay.. still fighting with them and disbelieving their promise to make it right this time...

GLOBAT = bad news

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