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Reliable, Quality web hosting at reasonable prices - that's GlobeDomain.

GlobeDomain can provide you with services ranging from a shared web hosting account to a reseller account. We offer accounts starting as low as $4.50/year to high end reseller accounts up to $58.75/month. Our friendly and helpful support staff is standing by 24x7 to make sure your every problem is solved quickly end efficiently.

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Hosting Reviews for Globedomain


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Very helpful and quick email support, very flexible. They do not oversell wildly (i.e. offer 50TB of bandwidth or something crazy like that), but are flexible about your needs. Pretty inexpensive, but reliable. Support just about everything except Tomcat and Ruby. A few minor outages that were all cleared up within an hour.


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A truely horrible support team! The technical support is just about OK, but the sales/billing department is slow, rude and untrustworthy! Stay away from this company!

pat klein

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I just found out they "likely lost" my account details for FOUR years and want to cancel my hosting service for non-payment even though I couldn't get into my account though I had repeatedly tried. They had poor customer service with no follow-through so they didn't figure out the problem, kept closing out my tickets, and then tried to make it out like I was trying to get away with non-payment and that I'm unreasonable for wanting to end my service with them and move to another host. I received this really unprofessional response.


No problem. We hope you have enjoyed the free, absolutely free service you have received from us at no cost and are saddened at the thanks we receive in face of that.

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Stephen Jones

General Management


I moved to Network Solutions. Better customer service - at least their business model is to try to keep customers.

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