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The "gogax" service was created by pioneers in the web hosting industry who believed it was about time the internet community had a way to create their own web site or web space at no additional cost. Gogax is the latest web hosting project operated by InterWeb, who has been offering quality hosting since 1999. Gogax have over 9 years of experience in the hosting business. Gogax went live in 2007, offering a freely available web hosting & file storage service on the internet. Gogax offers you a free web hosting service with no hidden fees, no annoying ad banners on your website and absolutely no obligations. In early 2008, Gogax added professional hosting services to its line of services. Gogax operates its office and data center out of Montreal, Canada. With gogax, you can be sure you are in good hands.


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Hosting Reviews for Gogax

David Ohayon

    Review Rating

Amazing product very satisfied with all services by Gogax. Will recommend to anyone.

Gordon Asbach

    Review Rating

No Support! This guy has the worst customer service I have ever seen in any business. I have been unable to make changes to my site for over a month and this guy will not get it fixed.


    Review Rating

This service is terible!!! I could not get my overpayment refunded. About 6 days after I paid for service I could no longer access the website building program...therefore (2 moths and a zillion 'support' emails later) my website sits incomplete and inaccesible for me.

I am unable to do anything to it despite haviong asked for almost 2 moths for them to have the service fixed or reimburse me. I get excuses and now I am just being completely ignored by them when I asked for a refund.

Their 30 day money back guarabntee is BOGUS....They did not give me the service I paid for AND refused to reimburse me when I requested a refund well within the 30 days!

The support asks you to email them and they close tickets without resolving them. Their trick is to email you some innocuous question in order to proceed with the 'solution', and when you don't answer within 12 hours your ticket is closed.

I have asked for a refund, as I had only one week of usable service for 2 months of my paid contract time and I am no closer to getting service, responses to my support problems, a usable website, nor site builder tools, nor replies to my emails or a reimbursement.

These people disgust me!


    Review Rating

If you are planning to move to Gogax, think again! because the word support does not exist in their dictionary.

I have been struggling with another Host and decided to try a dedicated server at gogax. I can tell you the guys are so unprofessional in everything they do;

billing: I was overcharged for 2 servers, then they credited my account with less money.

technicals: all they know is reboot reboot ... no linux/unix skills whatsoever.

support: nearly inexsitant especially for people overseas, i wait days for every response which would be like .."we dont know how to do this or that"

do not be overwelmed by the price, just don't use gogax, I am moving back to my old host.

Artur Chachuna

    Review Rating

I found Gogax in CNET’s list of most popular hosting companies. How did they get there is anybody’s guess! Problems with them started from the very beginning:

1. When I signed up and D PAID I got a message that in order to open account they will call me within 15-60 minutes to verify my info. Forget about 60 mins! NEXT DAY I had to send them a message asking what happened. 5 hours after that they finally called me.

2. Next day I found out that FTP feature of Control Panel is not working, so there is no way for me to transfer my files! I left them a ticket. 3 days later I follow up with how much longer do I have to wait. 5 hours later I get generic reply that they are still working to resolve a problem.

3. Next day I sent my first request to cancel my account and for refund. No reply. Next day I try again. No reply. I few days later I submit a ticket to billing department for cancelation and refund. After some dumb attempts to make me stay they just left like it is – no cancellation, no refund.

4. I check my credit card statement and it turns out that they charged me TWICE in a matter of one week for that one month service! I send them another ticket – got reply that money will be refunded… and as you can guess - I’m still waiting…

After that I found honest hosting company with great reviews, service and price. Stay away from GOGAX scammers!

    Review Rating

these guys are thieves.

stay away.

they provided no receipt and refuse to refund my money for services that they refused to perform.

stay away

Amir Zamany

    Review Rating

Gogax Company only got money and don't give any support to their customer .

they say that give .net hosting but your hosting work only with html file and you should enable asp.net feature that give an error and you can't run asp.net programs and you can't solve this because support center in vacation always.

if you want i can got a film from my panel and messages that i send to got support but don't got response.

Very Very Very Bad Hosting .

Marcos Varena

    Review Rating

Disaster, support doest not answer tickets, Internet got slowed down at minimum speed, and they didnt care at all. Moving to another server, chargeback for them. Very dissapointed


    Review Rating

NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT no response on simple questions

This guy knows to quickley take your money but has no desire to support

many phone calls and many tickets later I moved my hosting to another company


    Review Rating

Good customer service? I've been waiting 2 hours for a priority issue, Live chat kicks you every 3.5 minutes only to put you back in a que. I am not able to Contact tech support via the phone as it just continues to goto a full mailbox. My ticket has been open for just over 2 hours now and no response ... For 140 dollar a month service, I'd have to give the customer server a very bad review. The potential of me losing my clients due to the lack of prompt support is more likely than getting good customer service.

    Review Rating

I have been with Gogax for about 10 years. Now I run into problems with them. I had need to renew domain and hosting, and sent moneys for a 3 year (USD funds) that are not acknowledged. This was paid through PayPal from my Visa credit card. They even went once into my account to withdraw for 1 year amount and that is all they have acknowledged, but I didn't authorize it. Creating a service Ticket goes to "The webpage cannot be found", HTTP 404 not found. None of their contacts are working, live chat gets nobody, emails sent about 10 times in the past 10 days goes unanswered, Phoning them goes to a dead end each day I have phoned. I think they need to be reported as failing to produce product while still taking moneys from clients.

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