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The GorillaServers network was built with stability, performance, and security in mind. GorillaServers have selected the perfect blend of providers & peers to offer our clients redundancy, speed, and optimal value.

All of our services are truly unmetered. GorillaServers do not oversell, and there is no fine print. What does this mean for you? You can use 100% of your connection 24/7 - 365 with no fear of overages or service interruption!

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Hosting Reviews for GorillaServers

Ryan Pennington

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This is one of the worst server providers I've worked with - and I've worked with all of them.

At the time of hosting they had an obscure 1 month long policy in which you had to cancel your server.. for a MONTHLY service. I requested a cancellation about 2 weeks prior to my service and they denied it and said I would owe the next month. How is that even legal or enforceable on a month to month term? I get that policies should be read in advance but some things are simply common sense.

They got extremely upset at me and created a false customer report about my business and deleted my account.

Avoid these unprofessional and shady people at all costs. There are better providers in the Los Angeles area.

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