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The GreenGeeks Eco Site plan is an unlimited package which means you have unlimited amount of disk space for your web site files and you can have an unlimited amount of bandwidth for your web site visitors. The plan allows you to host an unlimited amount of your own domain names and they are hosted just as if they were the primary domain name on your account, and with all of your domain names that you can have an unlimited amount of emails for each domain and an unlimited amount of databases to use.

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Hosting Reviews for GreenGeeks

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I can't compare other hosting sites but Greengeeks has demonstrated excellent technical support and went above and beyond to restore my website. I appreciated their friendly and professional manner and would definitely recommend Greengeeks.

Mary Jackson

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I moved there immediately after leaving iPower. Their support is superb, either using chat or calling them. They were of great help in getting me moved from iPower and setup Drupal.

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Fantastic support, fast, price is fantastic, all the best.

Russ A.

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I've been with GreenGeeks for almost a year now. Things were fine in the beginning. Isn't that how it always starts?

Well, I didn't know (at the time) that the reseller program was on a shared server with other resellers. Had I had known that, I would have just shelled out the extra $150 a month for a dedicated server with some other company.

As time progressed the server got slower as well as the network. We've had many issues with disk space notification errors (probably because all reseller accounts have unlimited disk space). Seems they refuse to purchase more hard drives for the servers which is basically dumb if you are going to offer unlimited disk space. Also had problems with getting blacklisted (at least 5 times I can recall) because of others on the server. Memory is always pegged out and there is always a lot of latency, lags and timeouts. I don't know about the other servers, but this one in particular is getting worse and worse everyday.

Most recently, my CRON jobs are reporting errors to me (when the IMAP server doesn't time out) that it couldn't find the associated files or it couldn't utilize the SMTP server because it was unreachable.

They have a good idea but it's obvious there are way too many users per server. I know that the idea is to recuperate losses and make a profit, but there are limits to what a server can handle.

Recent "maintenance" was done and I was hoping it would make things better, but things actually got worse. What the hell?

Anyhow, outside of all that, the billing and tech support are okay. Never had an issue with them and most of the techs seem to know what they are doing. Sales is pretty much on top of things, but that seems to be their best department. So if you like to be billed regularly and accurately without delay, go with them.

So to sum up, if you are looking for a reliable reseller hosting company, look somewhere else.


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i left hostmonster (HORRIBLE in itself) for greengeeks and i've been with greengeeks for a few months now. i'd say about six or so... and in the beginning it was great. then the databases started getting lagged. and sometimes my websites would go down - just for a minute. so weird!

support is copy and paste lingo - it's usually the same support people or handles and they always seem agitated and a bit rude...

i run less than five wordpress websites on my account and they're forever slow or down altogether. in fact, my website has been down for ten hours now with no help (or changes to any of my databases or sites). all i asked is if there was a place where i could check the status on the support ticket that i had submitted earlier in the day and i got no answer.

honestly, they're down WAY too often for me to recommend them. i'd say BIG FAT NO to green geeks.

Leyden R.

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GreenGeeks was good for a bit, but I would advise everyone to stay away. My sites go down almost every week and sometimes 2 or 3 times in the week. I lost clients because of this not to mention how embarrassing it was to my reputation.

I called them and complained all the time about how this was happening over an over and they just would repeat the same thing, "it was in intermitan server error." It is still going on all the time. Since I stated moving some sites over to another host, none of those ever go down.

GreenGeeks also claims the BS "Unlimited" bandwidth and so on, however, they have taken down one of my sites three times now for using to many resources. And they did it with out notifying me of the problem.

Stay away!

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